What You Need To Know About Nutrisystem Costs


Most people who want to go on a diet are looking for one that’s been highly rated by customers. Unfortunately, the diets with the highest ratings are usually expensive. However, Nutrisystem is an exception to the rule.


Nutrisystem doesn’t restrict the number of times per day that you eat. In fact, you’ll eat three meals and two snacks each day. While the diet provides you with plenty of food, it’s likely that you’ll purchase a few things on your own. For example, you may want to purchase fruits or cheese sticks.


There are many different dishes that the diet lets you choose from, and you’ll be able to eat all of the foods that you’re used to. If you choose high-calorie dishes that are approved by the diet, you’ll still lose weight.



What Plans Does Nutrisystem Offer?


Nutrisystem allows you to choose from three different plans:



The Basic Plan:



The basic plan is $9.82 per day, and it’s 275 dollars a month. This is the cheapest costing plan that is offered by Nutrisystem, but it doesn’t allow you to choose your own meals. If you choose this plan, you can be sure that you will lose at least 7 inches and 13 pounds during the first month.



The Core Plan:



While the Core Plan does allow you to choose your own meals, it is a little bit more expensive. This plan is available for $10.54 per day, and it adds up to 295 dollars for the month. If you choose this plan, you will be able to talk to a dietician.



The Uniquely Yours Plan:



This plan is available for $11.96 per day. This is still under 350 dollars a month. In addition to offering the features of the Core Plan, it has extra menu options.



Other Plans That Nutrisystem Is Often Compared To:


While Nutrisystem is often compared to Jenny Craig and Bistro MD, it’s a far better diet than either of them. In addition, it’s less expensive.

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