The Legacy of Louis Chenevert and His Reputation in the Business World

The former CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a Canadian businessman named Louis Chenevert, and one of the most successful people in that corporation, who has brought to UTC countless achievements and successes during his career.

 Born in Quebec, Louis was also the president of an engine business that UTC owns, called the Pratt & Whitney, where he worked for a long time and learned most of the duties of a CEO and leader of an organization. Louis Chenevert then went to HEC, in Montreal, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in production and management and gathered more knowledge and experience on administration and business leadership. Louis’ career in UTC started in 1993 when he left General Motors to work for Pratt & Whitney. Due to his success at Pratt & Whitney, he eventually was promoted to the CEO of the company.

When Louis Chenevert was elected as the CEO, America’s economy was in recession. However, as a testament to his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, he was still able to raise the share-price of UTC to 200% which was from $37 to $117. It was an incredible margin, and the success of the decisions of the CEO Chenevert shocked everyone in the company.

Because of that rise in net value and reputation, UTC remained on top of the aerospace and building industry during Chenevert’s time as the CEO without being dodgy with taxes, relocating, brushes with environmental compliance laws and most importantly, without underpaying UTC’s workers. Louis Chenevert kept making business decisions in the future that would keep skyrocketing his business and winning the competition.

In UTC, Chenevert is known as a think tank or “the man with a plan” who always have a strategy in their business of innovating sophisticated jet engines as well as having military and commercial contracts worldwide. The employees and co-workers of Louis hold him very dearly both for what he has done for the company and for his personality.

With Chenever at the leadership of UTC, the company received unprecedented growth and was able to focus all its available skilled workers, resources and strengths to the aerospace and building industry to the point that it has become their identity.

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