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Sussex Healthcare is offering a valuable new health service that is extremely necessary for the aging population. Their new audiology services has been received with widespread success. This important service can accurately determine the extend of hearing loss in individuals. All of the state-of-the-art testing is performed by experts qualified to decipher the results. This enables Sussex Healthcare to get the correct audiology services that their welcome patients dearly need. Since the service opened, more Sussex Healthcare patients have been able to receive hearing services and remedies that can aid the patients in hearing things normally once again.

Audiologists are specially trained professionals that are experienced in auditory function and the newer hearing aid devices that can enable patients to hear like anyone else once again. Audiology is a specialized field that can aid many patients having difficulty hearing, and some of those unable to hear at all. The newer auditory tests can more accurately pinpoint the exact hearing loss that each patient has incurred. It is not uncommon for hearing impaired patients to go for years without realizing that their hearing has become compromised. Some patients may know but are too embarrassed to get help for their particular issues.


Sussex Healthcare has a holistic philosophy when it comes to their particular treatment of their important patients. They are excited to now be able to incorporate precise hearing tests through their new and highly specialized audiology department. Experts that are trained specifically in hearing disorders are ready to help in any way possible. Their services range from accurate hearing tests, tests specific for tinnitus which is a balance problem that skilled audiologists can pick up on. Tinnitus issues are often overlooked due to the fact that the sufferer doesn’t realize that the ringing or buzzing sounds they hear are related to an inner ear balance disorder. A thorough hearing exam by exceptionally skilled audiologists are able to precisely hone in on tinnitus problems as well as other age related hearing impairments.

Sussex Healthcare is still the primary healthcare agency responsible for many elderly care homes across the country. They are proud to add yet another fine health service to better the care of their many elder population living in their award winning healthcare homes. Sussex Healthcare demands the best care for their patients that are dependent on it. Now, Sussex Healthcare offers superior audiology services to all care home inhabitants.

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