A Concise  Review of the NewsWatch TV Show

The NewsWatch TV program has worked with many companies to showcase and promote their products and they are pleased with the service delivery. SteelSeries is a company that makes electronics as well as headphones and beginning with 2013 they worked with Newswatch TV to promote some of their products. Speaking on the experience Tori Pugliese said that they enjoyed working with Newswatch and commended their public relations knowledge noting the script passed their message in the consumer’s’ language. The company was able to reuse the material for social media marketing and on their press sections and it increased sales.

NewsWatch TV is a tv show that has been on the air since 1990 with over 1200 episodes and still counting. The program focuses on entertainment, use reviews, and technology. It started out as a monthly show that focused on finance but later expanded to cover a number of topics. Today, it produces an episode every week for the ION Network and airs twice a month on AMC. Michelle Ison and Andrew Tropeano host the show that discusses all matters technology, entertainment, and finance.

The popular tv show has hosted more than 650 celebrities since it aired its first episode in March of 1990. In the past year, they have had Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Colin Firth, Dwayne Johnson among others. On their AppWatch segment which they added in 2012, the show identifies and reviews new mobile apps. This year they have reviewed Dofus Touch, Spark, and Krisp mobile apps. NewsWatch TV has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Platinum Marcom Award in 2017.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is an American Tv Show that First aired in March 1990. It features Tech report, Appwatch, Biz report, and the Entertainment Wrap Up segments.

A look At How JD.com Has Been Transforming Lives Through Charity



Apart from its success, JD.com, one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms in all of Asia is also famed for its community empowerment and environment conservation efforts. The company has always gone the extra mile in bettering the lives of the members of the community and this is proved by the various charity activities it has had a hand in. One of its most recent efforts in doing so came after it joined hands with some of the top brands that are part of its e-commerce community in an aim to raise money for kids who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. Visit This Page for more information.


Season of giving


JD.com partnered with a charitable foundation known as Wardrobe of love, to facilitate the fundraising event which it named Season of giving. All brands which were part of the partnership gave off a certain percentage of the sales they made on JD.com to the charity event.


On the other hand, JD.com used the money to deliver clothes and other needed items such as school necessities to children who come from needy backgrounds. JD.com worked with over 1500 brands to facilitate the success of the charity affair including famed brands like Mentholatum and Zippo. The event was a success as it saw over 30,000 items get delivered to remote areas such as Xinjiang Uygur, Yunnan and Hebei among many others.


Committed to giving


To boost its ability to give back to the community, JD.com launched the “Aixin Dongdong” technological function which allows brands to conveniently allocate a certain amount of their revenue towards charity without having to bear with hectic processes they would have otherwise handled. As of today, JD.com has been able to make over 12 million charity deliveries through this function. The Season of giving charity event was carried out using this function as well.


Besides making charity deliveries, JD.com is also committed to empowering the youth by offering them an opportunity to better their lives by offering academic scholarships through the JD Foundation.


About JD.com


As mentioned earlier, JD.com is one of the most successful e-commerce brands in Asia. It competes arm in arm with companies such as Ali Baba and is fast making its way to the international lane of e-commerce. The company is based in Beijing and was established in 2004.


More about JD.com on https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/jd

Upwork: Working Through Your Do To List

The goal to starting any kind of task list is to finish it. Many of us don’t think about how powerful it is when we create a to do list and stick to it. The main focus is how are you organizing your to-do list in order to get everything done? Upwork is a well known platform where freelancers can take on jobs from companies all over the world. They have thousands of professional working day and night to complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time. If you are wondering how to speed up your productivity and get through the day’s tasks, consider these 10 beneficial tips to tackle your to-do list.

Capture it all

You will be surprise that most of us can’t even remember some of the tasks that we have to get done. That’s why its smart to consider using what is called the Zeigernik Effect. It basically lets us realize that many incomplete tasks will continue to haunt us in our minds. Therefore, that constant thinking of what you didn’t do zaps our overall focus on what presently needs to get done. That’s why it’s in your best interest to capture everything you need to do in a well written list. It has been found by doing this we are more likely to complete the tasks before us.


It’s no secret that most of us have some kind of plan in place before we start our day. Research shows that a lot of people have the most energy in the morning and are the more productive. That said, you should get into the habit of preparing your lists at night before you go to bed.

Upwork has continued its success as a global freelance opportunity for many professionals looking to perform side work. It allows you to connect on a remote basis with other professionals or companies that have a ton of work for you to perform. As of this date, Upwork has over 12 million freelancers that have registered with the site. The main headquarters for Upwork is located in San Francisco and Mountain View.

A Little About Malcolm CasSelle

There is a new technology evolving on a daily basis. This technology is called blockchain technology. Traditionally blockchain technology has been used to process cryptocurrency transactions. There is a new way of using the blockchain technology and this is to process in-game transactions for gamers.

The WAX system was developed by entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle. He developed the WAX technology as a way of keeping gaming transactions from being compromised by theft. The WAX technology keeps all transactions on a peer to peer honor system so to speak. This honor system takes transactions of virtual currency earned while playing a game and keeps it safe from fraud.

There is much popularity in trading virtual currency for what is known as a gun skin. These gun skins are what makes the game exciting for players. They buy a gun skin for anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. The players using this virtual currency to buy new gun skins can be proud of their accomplishments made in the game. It gives gamers a look good feel and let’s other gamers know you have virtual currency enough to buy this gun skin.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of a company called OPskins. He is also the President of WAX. Before beginning his career as an entrepreneur he worked as the CTO and president of New Venture. Malcolm CasSelle is a bright man who was destined to succeed.

He went to the Massachusetts Information Technology where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After completing his studies at MIT he enrolled in a graduate program at Stanford University. He earned a masters degree in computer science from Stanford.

Malcolm CasSelle speaks three languages. His first language is of course English. He is also fluent in Japanese and Mandarin. He has a long employment record. He has only been the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX since 2017. He helped to co-found his first place of employment in 1995. He has been an investor for some time. His investments include early shares of companies like Facebook. He is currently, investing in Bitcoin websites.

The Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a creative entrepreneur who has won many accolated. He is the host of the iconic American Idol as the competition series returns to television this 2018 spring. Ryan Seacrest also holds superior positions as producer/ host of local and nationally syndicated radio, plus cable/ broadcast television. He has entrepreneurial interest in a range of entertainment and media companies. Ryan Seacrest has impacted youths nationwide with his philanthropic efforts via youth-oriented initiatives.

Ryan Seacrest is the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. It is a Los Angeles #1 nationally syndicated morning drive-time show. It airs on iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM (102.7). Ryan Seacrest is also executive producer and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, a Disney-ABC morning talk show. Ryan Seacrest also hosts the annual ABC New Year’s Eve program.

Ryan Seacrest journey with American Idol started in 2002. It was when he accepted to co-host the Fox reality television series with comedian Brian Dunkleman. In 2003, Brian Dunkleman left, and Ryan Seacrest became the sole host. It is the period when Ryan Seacrest’s popularity rose, as the show started garnering over 26 million viewers weekly. His stint with the show continued up to when the series ended in 2016. Now it’s back, and Ryan Seacrest is riding along this new journey.

Most people have watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, an E! program. What they do not realize is that Ryan’s RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) produces the hit series. RSP also produces Shahs of Sunset (Bravo), I Love Kellie Pickler (CMT), and Best.Cover.Ever (YouTube). Other series produced by the company are:


  • Shades of Blue- It stares Jennifer Lopez and airs on NBC
  • Insatiable- Netflix
  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution- An Emmy Award-winning reality series

Ryan Seacrest also has a burgeoning lifestyle enterprise. The business deals in lifestyle products with one of its brands being men wear products. Ryan Seacrest enjoys long-standing endorsement from blue-chip companies like Ford and Coca-Cola.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is the chairman of Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). RSF philanthropic efforts include opening broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals. There are now 10 Seacrest Studios in various hospitals in the country. Ryan Seacrest serves on LACMA’s (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) board. He is also strategizing for the Grammy Foundation as an honorary chair there.

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Behind The Success Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of JD.com, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. The current worth of the company is $57.6 billion. While a student in 1994, he opened a restaurant close to the campus although his area of specialization was sociology. He used to study computer programming part-time which enabled him to earn money as a freelancer. He did not take a management role in the restaurant because of lack of experience. The restaurant went bankrupt because the staff embezzled money leaving him in debt and disheartened. Go To This Page for related information.


After graduating from the University of Renmin in Beijing, Richard Liu set aside his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and went to work at a health products company in Japan. While working there, he came to understand that the failure of his restaurant was as a result of the lack of established management structures. After some time, he resigned from selling health products and began selling computer accessories as his own retail business. After achieving some scale, SARS epidemic hit the business leading to its failure.


In 2004, Liu Qiangdong decided to switch the operations of his business from physical stores to selling products online. This led to the formation of JD.com in 2004. By the end of 2005, Richard Liu had closed down all his stores to focus only on e-commerce. He, therefore, began selling the electronic parts alongside quality consumer goods.


In an interview with Richard Liu entitled “An Insight, An Idea”, he talked about how he grew up poor to riches. He claimed that he was motivated by the need to buy his grandmother medicine which made him to focus on entrepreneurship JD.com. He added that he wants the JD.com to go its own way by beating the competition and becoming unique from others. The company has acquired some ownership in Tencent, a second largest business-to-consumer platform in the mainland. This will enable JD.com to compete against Alibaba in terms of e-commerce effectively.


During the interview, Richard Liu also claimed that focus is the most fundamental things that make a business successful. For him, e-business was everything, which made him put all his attention and energy on it.


See also: https://www.wealthx.com/dossier/qiangdong-liu/


Lois Chenevert Provides Useful Tips for Investing in Manpower

Earning global recognition in the business world is a fete that only a handful of the world’s population can achieve. Among these ranks is Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman, and entrepreneur.


He assumed the presidency and the Chief Executive Officer’s office in April 2008, two years before he was elected the chair of the company’s board. Before that, he served as the Chief Operations Officer and the Director of the tech firm since 2006. Between 1999-2006, he was President of Pratt & Whitney. Additionally, he was the General Manager of the production unit in General Motors, St. Therese branch for virtually 15 years.


He holds various seats in Executive Committees including the chairmanship of the tax and finance committee. He is also a member of the Business Council and the US-India CEO forum. He chairs the Yale’s Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and has membership in Cargill’s Board of Directors as well as Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.


As a bigwig businessman, Chenevert offers investment insights and tips to help young entrepreneurs to make better investment choices. Below, he provides effective tips of investing in your staffs.


Work-Friendly Environment

One way to ensure employees operate optimally is by making the workplace an area staffs will enjoy spending time in. You don’t want a place for clock-watchers, because such situations brew drama and conflicts among employees. Create a unique, fun commonplace instead of the traditional break room with a few lunch tables. Find a ping-pong table or an arcade to spice up things in the workplace.


Offer Rewards to Hard Workers

While some employees may shrug a shoulder to an “Employee of the Week” award, this move will evoke a feeling of appreciation and belonging among the staffs that receive the awards for their outstanding efforts. Alternatively, you can offer gift cards or vouchers as a token of appreciation.


Team Building

There’s more to team building than just bringing together employees to work toward an objective. Try partnering with charitable organizations and compel your staffs to volunteer in simple tasks creates warm relationships among employees. Such circumstances make them ignore their differences and come together for a greater good.



Alastair Borthwick: Climber, Author, And Hero

Alastair Borthwick is known throughout Scotland for popularizing climbing as a sport among the large working class in the country. He is an accomplished author whose books are still read widely today. Born in 1913, he was raised in Troon in Glasgow but born in Rutherglen. At only 16, he decided to leave school in order to start working for The Evening Times as a copy taker. Eventually, he was able to advance his career to a writer for the Glasgow Weekly Herald.

It was while writing for the “Open Air” column at the Glasgow Weekly Herald that led him to discover the joys of rock climbing in Scotland. While it was mainly popular among the upper class, he realized that there was no reason for the working class not to be able to enjoy it as well. Alastair Borthwick’s columns about climbing helped the activity gain a lot of interest and popularity in the area.

In 1939 he published Always A Little Further, his first book. This book featured a collection of the columns that he had written about rock climbing and more information about the sport. Not only did Alastair Borthwick talk about the sport itself, but he also talked about the many social changes that he had seen surrounding it in recent years. For the rich, it was rather strange to see their beloved sport suddenly become popular among the working class.

Along with being a writer, Alastair Borthwick was also a veteran. He served during World War II and eventually reached the position of Captain from Batallion Intelligence Officer. In 1941, he became a war substantive lieutenant after transferring to the Reconnaissance Corps. In the Netherlands, 600 men were led by Borthwick to pass enemy line in the middle of the night. The maps for the area were largely inaccurate and he had to rely entirely on his keen sense of direction that had been honed during his time as a climber. Alastair Borthwick experienced a lot during his time in the military and went on to write a book about it called Sans Peur.

Reference: https://www.birlinn.co.uk/Alastair-Borthwick/

Doe Deere: Creating her American Dream

Doe Deere’s journey begins across the world in the country of Russia where she was born and lived throughout her adolescent years. There, she would watch American movies, listen to American music and wonder at the English language, hoping one day she too could have a slice of the pie that is the American dream. Doe would have that change at the age of 17 when her mother decided to take her sister and her to begin a new life in New York City. Quickly her thoughts went to the quote she had heard so often in movies, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, and Doe Deere was determined to make it.

Unfortunate events, however, led to her family to homelessness within here first few years in New Yor. Her mother, an accountant in Russia, had not seen success in transferring her credentials, therefore she was forced to take on low paying jobs such as house cleaner. Shen attempted to help out by taking small jobs or walking dogs, however, the overbearingness of bills became too much. Doe and her family would end up at a Manhattan homeless shelter where she shared one room with no kitchen and had to wait in church lines every day to have something to eat. It was not until social worker and advocate for struggling immigrant families Dorchen Leidholdt stepped in to bring relief to the family. With Leidholdt’s help, her mother would finally find an accounting career and her sister would obtain a scholarship to attend Columbia University. Leidholdt, after seeing Doe’s sketches recognized her talent and guided her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lastly, Deere reminds us that not all American families start off as Americans and that sometimes, those with the hardest struggles might be the ones to contribute one day to the greatness of America.





Robert Deignan- Successful entrepreneur and CEO of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the co-founder of ATS Digital Services, a one-stop facility for tech solutions. It is one of the companies that has been around for the past one decade. Through this company, users of new technologies are getting a reprieve since this is a company they can call any time and they will be given the necessary support. Through the service offered by this company, there is hope that consumers will no longer have to worry about a company they can call when they encounter tech problems. ATS Digital is a call away, and it will offer any service you need. What makes this company unique is that it have almost every kind of support you might need.

Robert Deignan created this company with a great plan. He knew everything that he wanted to accomplish, and he created a team of employees who would work with him and deliver the mission he had. Today, if you call ATS Digital services, you will be served by a team of dedicated experts and who will not give up until your issue is resolved. By working with ATS Digital Services, you will get experts who can offer remote services and even physical installation services. Depending on the nature of your issues, they will be happy to help.

Robert Deignan has now been in the tech industry for about 20 years. In this period, he has identified the most basic needs of the tech user. He is now doing everything possible to come up with a solution that can make a difference in this industry. This industry is no longer the way it was five years ago; it keeps on changing. Anyone who is careful to look can spot the difference. Every year, something new is being created. Technology is evolving faster than many people can adapt. In such cases, what we can do is sit pretty and allow tech experts like Robert Deignan come up with solutions that can address our needs. ATS Digital Services is one of the companies that has shown the readiness to become great through proviso of superior products and services.



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