The Impact Of Roseann Bennett

Mental illness has become a growing problem in today’s world. More and more people are seeking help to deal with these challenging issues. Roseann Bennett is one of the many people working to help patients in this space. Bennett has more than a decade of experience working as a marriage and family therapist. She is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey. Over the last ten years Bennett and her center have helped hundreds of people with their life’s struggles.


Recently Bennett has been outspoken about supporting Women In The Workplace. She understands that this process continues to be a journey and is aware of some of the issues that people have in this space. Bennett has come up with a list of ways to directly support women within the workplace. Her tips include the following: set goals, be transparent, hire more women, different experiences and never stop the dialogue. This last tip may be the most interesting. It is important to keep the equality discussion going. Creating specific programs can be an excellent way to show initiative in address gender equality. Click Here to learn more about what she has to say in her interview with IdeaMensch.


Roseann Bennett has gained a wealth of experience working for her own treatment center. She has a variety of responsibilities which include supervising employees, creating training for students and creating staff development. All of this is done while maintaining her own caseload. Needless to say a person with all of this responsibility would have a challenge also being a mother and a wife. Bennett has worked very hard over the years to create a sense of balance in her life. Roseann Bennett has scheduled family time along with her own personal day where she enjoys hobbies like cooking. Maintaining this sense of balance and peace has allowed her to be an ever better therapist to her clients.



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A Close Look at the DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

When the world was faced with financial crises a decade ago, everything stood still for DAMAC properties. The prices of the first building that this now well-established company built went down by a significant 50 percent. This was hard for Hussain Sajwani. His entrepreneurial spirit did not, however, allow him to give up. He gave all he had to see to it that his business rose up again. A few years later, DAMAC Properties is known across the globe for being a leader in real estate. As a matter of fact, the company is attributed to giving Dubai the modern city it is today.

Only a few companies have managed to get to the London Stock Exchange. As at 2013, no company from the Middle East had managed to be in this least, but DAMAC Properties. All the success amassed by this company is courtesy of its founder, Hussain Sajwani. While growing up, Mr. Sajwani learned incredible lessons from his father who was a shopkeeper. He got to understand that there are opportunities and fluctuations in business. These life-changing lessons have made Hussain be ranked the 10th richest business person in the Middle East. Creating brands and partnering with other businesses for the good course have seen Hussain Sajwani partnering with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and Tiger Woods in creating one of the largest golf course in Dubai, known as Trump golf course, as per Saudi Projects.

As much of a business mogul as President Donald Trump is, so is the DAMAC owner. The two have massively invested in real estate. Their relationship has made many people brand Hussain Sajwani the Donald of Dubai. With all the success he has amassed, Hussain Sajwani has become synonymous with charity. Having noted the plight of children from the United Arab Emirates, the DAMAC owner parted with at least two million for an operation that was aimed at dressing them. He also expressed his intentions of supporting the Dubai government in bettering the standards of living among children who are deprived. Besides, Hussain (@hussainsajwani) readily shares business insights with people who follow him on his social media platforms.

Now Dream with Fagali

     American Samoa, a little known cluster of Islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by other exotic Polynesian such as Fiji, it is a tropical dream location. Enter Fagali, a village on the island of Upolu, home to the Fagali International Airport (FGI). The Airport was initially an open grass strip that went under many episodes of commissioning and decommissioning. Ultimately being recommissioned with an asphalt landing strip. FGI the small International Airport is owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines. Serving as a medium to fly to the other airports such as Pago Pago and Savai’i, FGI is a rather local option for route of travel.

For those wanting an unusual and warm cultural experience FGI serves as a medium to bounce off of. Fagali is within a shot 10 mile radius of some of the worlds best tropical attractions. Have you ever wanted to live among the villagers of such exclusive cultures and feel what they do, here you have it. Wanted to ever go snorkeling and see some elusive and beautiful underwater creatures, all you may need has arrived. Do you enjoy the beat of drums and some fire shows, please enjoy the Fiafia nights offered just 0.2 miles away from the Airport. Museums, galleries, and other artistic loving exhibitions surround your every move. Bask in the natural landmark beauties of the Sliding Rocks and Papapapaitai Falls. Experience some Rain forest and yoga hiking tours to cleanse the body and mind. kick back and relax with some soothing massage and spas. And to top it all off hop into some local shopping centers and markets (like the Old Apia Market) for something to take back home to always keep and never forget this journey.

Find a new you, find a new life, and free yourself from the pressures of everyday life. To Fagali we go and forever we stay.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Registered Investment Advisory Firm in the United States

Financial planning is necessary in today’s world as it can help you realize your financial goals and keep you from falling prey to the economic challenges that life throws at you. Life can be unpredictable and an economic crunch can surface anytime without warning. It is for this reason the financial planners often suggest people save for the rainy days. There are many investment options out there these days that you can choose from to protect and grow your money. However, all these investment options have different characteristics, and it can be difficult for a layperson to differentiate the excellent investment options from the ones that are not as good. It is, for this reason, one should consider seeking out the assistance of professional financial planners to help them manage their finances.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles-based registered investment advisory firm. The company has a team of investment and financial professionals who have years of experience in the financial sector, and they would assess your finances in-depth to develop an efficient retirement plan for you. Without such planning in place, it can be challenging to sustain in today’s world when the financial markets are so volatile.

The Daily Forex Report mentioned that HCR Wealth Advisors can help you weather the ups and downs that the financial markets go through. The professionals use their experience as well as their knowledge  to develop an investment strategy for you that is custom-tailored and designed to meet your specific retirement and financial goals.

If you try to achieve your retirement financial goals by yourself, the chances are high that you would eventually fail as it is hard to predict the market movements by a layman. However, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors ensure that you are given constant updates on how your investments are performing and whether any modification is needed to keep your investment strategy unaffected by the volatile financial markets. With a proper retirement plan in place, you can be sure that you wouldn’t have to worry about your future financially. It can help your money grow with time, and help to ensure that you will have sufficient funds in -retirement to spend your life without any worries from the financial front. Their goal: it’s Clients First, and Always First.


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Hometown Heros- The DeVos

For many in their hometown of Grand Rapids, the power couple that is Dick and Betsy DeVos are heroes. For many years, they have both worked hard at making their town a better place to live. From politics and philanthropy to schools and voucher systems, they are more involved than most.


Back in the early 90s, Dick DeVos was working hard in his family’s company called Amway. He was working towards the top and was doing a good job of getting there. However, that took a side seat while he worked on other things that popped up. He had heard that there was a plan to build a new convention and sports center in the Grand Rapids downtown area. Dick was not too happy when he heard this news. He felt building it would not be in the best interest of his beloved town.


To help with his fight against the construction of the center, he formed a group with other local business men to go against the proposal. Both Dick and his wife, Betsy, were heirs to the fortunes that their families had left behind. However, they didn’t use their money as a way to spend their lives without purpose. They have both worked hard and spend much of their fortunes on helping out those less fortunate.


The couple are firm Republicans and very involved in politics. They have been known to spend lot of money in support of the Republican party as well. For more than 30 years, they have given away more than $100 million dollars towards the formation of leadership programs, human and health services, arts and culture, policy initiatives and churches.


They both have a fond love of education. Mrs DeVos works in Washington as the Secretary of Education and the couple together have opened a charter school in their hometown of Grand Rapids. They opened it at the airport. Mr. DeVos is a huge lover of aviation and has flown both private and commercial airplanes. This is why he chose to open a charter school on the grounds of the airport.


To this day, the Michigan Aviation Charter School opened by DeVos has continued to grow and become more successful. This is a non-profit charter school that started with just 80 students back in 2010. It is now open and running with more than 600 teenagers from various counties across the state. To get into the school, there is a lottery that is held each year during the spring. This is done to help choose which students will be able to attend the following year when there are more applications than openings.


The school is a charter school and tuition to attend is free. It is run just like public school in the area and operates with an allowance given to it by Michigan state. Dick and Betsy DeVos have also given more than $8 million in funds towards running the school as well. This included a $4 million dollar loan to help expand the school and equip the buildings.


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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Much of the city of Dubai has become a concern for people who own real estate there. Over the past 18 months the property values have stagnated or gone down as well as what can be charged for rent. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is not worried about this and is currently doing very well financially. A combination of the United States President Donald Trump winning the election and a rise in DAMAC Properties Share price has helped to make him one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates. The company opened it’s first golf club in February. They did this with the help of the Trump Organization. This has helped the company to do better. Hussain Sajwani now has a net worth of 4.3 billion U.S. dollars. He states that 2017 has been a good stable year for the company. The DAMAC owner is optimistic about the companies turnaround and it’s expected profitability.

DAMAC Properties first started out in 2002. Hussain Sajwani saw a growing opportunity in the Dubai real estate market. The market was opened up to foreign investors. In 2008 the city experienced a real estate bubble burst and because of this some real estate developers saw their property values fall up to 60 percent.

Since then the company has been able to deliver 50 percent more units than it’s peers in the years 2010-2011. The company launched a new project in 2012. In 2013 the Damac Hills mega project was launched. It features everything from apartments and villas to mansions. They all surround a golf course built with the help of the Trump Organization. The even bigger Akoya Oxygen was started the next year. The company prides itself to be able to see changes in the market and to then quickly respond to them. The DAMAC owner credits this to his company being able to survive the 2008 real estate crash in his country. This is what lead the company to invest in DAMAC Hills and Akoya Oxygen. These two investments were done with forward thinking and they knew that after time the endeavor would pay off.

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National Steel Car: A Journey Through Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman and investor of the manufacturing company “National Steel Car”. As the chairman, president and CEO of the multilayered company, it has come to be known greatly for its excessive engineering, manufacturing, and attention to quality. In the early 1990’s, Mr. Gregory James Aziz first invested in the sprouting firm, then worked his efforts to bring it to the astounding company it is today. To add to such tremendous victories, Mr. Aziz proudly holds a strong background of education of economics under his belt, and with it, he has used his skills to improve and strength the business and bring astounding reputations and titles. It is said that he has transformed the illustrious Canadian based company into the leading freight car and railroad automotive manufacturer in North America. The certified manufacturing company also leads new car innovation and has been awarded the “TTX SECO award” since 1996, repetitively showing the companies great achievements. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the freight car manufacturer continues to provide quality service and works that commonly win awards.



His appearance as a happy, healthy, and progressive man serves true with his continued successes and motives. From a young age, Aziz always had a progressive and entrepreneurial mindset. Having been born in London, Ontario, Mr. Aziz graduated from Ridley College (a private boarding school in Ontario) and soon after from the “University of Western Ontario” with an education in economics. He began his fine journey and exercised his skills in economics when he joined his family’s wholesale food business under the name “Affiliated Foods” in 1971. With his help and smarts, the small business grew over a span of sixteen years and became a worldwide importer of fresh foods spanning across three continents of Europe, Central America (partial to North America) and South America, as well as parts of Eastern Canada.



As years passed and Gregory expanded his talents and knowledge of economics, he invested in several banks in New York (U.S.), and with added money, he purchased the well-known “National Steel Car” from a company known as “Dofasco”. This company is a steel producer also located in Ontario, and Hamilton, Canada. Visit This Page to learn more.







With his hopes and great motivations, Gregory James Aziz was able to achieve the goal of creating a Canadian company extending across North America’s continent to become a leading producer of freight cars. Since the great expansion as well as multiple successes, National Steel Car has been steadfast to the surrounding community of Hamilton and Ontario while producing quality and efficiency.



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Alex Pall: From Local DJ to Worldwide Sensation

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the two people who make up The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are a Grammy Award winning DJ/production duo that have made over half a dozen songs that have charted on the Billboard Hot 100. They started off making simple dance music, but eventually, their music branched out into something truly unique. Now their music has meaningful lyrics and unique background music. Together, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have revolutionized what it means to be a DJ act in the music industry.

“Closer”, for many fans, marked a turning point in the careers of The Chainsmokers. For one, it is one of their most meaningful songs to date. Second, it marked the debut of Andrew Taggart as lead singer. Prior to the release of “Closer,” neither Pall nor Taggart performed the vocals for their music; they relied on guest vocalists to provide that part of the track.

During the promotional tour for “Closer,” Alex Pall conducted an interview with Interview Magazine, and he discussed a variety of topics. Some of the topics included, their origin, their future, and how The Chainsmokers came up with their unique sound.

Like most interviews, this one began with the interviewer asking Alex Pall about where he came from and how he entered into the music industry.

Pall explained that he had been interested in music at a young age, and while it was a hobby for the majority of his career, he realized that music was consuming his life and began to take it seriously. According to Pall, he was in an art gallery when he came to this realization.

Pall’s partner, Andrew Taggart was going to school in Maine when he was recommended to meet up with Pall and see if things click. They did. Pall and Taggart were able to quickly create a professional relationship.

The interview concluded with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart discussing their future. Primarily, they talked about how Taggart being the lead singer of the group was a positive move for the group. Now, The Chainsmokers no longer need to rely on guest vocalists to complete their songs. Taggart has the skills to keep The Chainsmoker’s music sound fresh.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Planning More For Your Retirement

Every working citizen will soon come to a time where they will stop working and retire from their long drawn-out jobs. It is critical that people have a plan of action for when that time comes. Many people who have worked for most of their life still do not even have a plan of retirement, leaving them stuck in an unfortunate situation. Retirement can definitely affect someone’s entire life including their emotional, psychological, intellectual, and physical adjustments to their lifestyle. It is critical that those who are planning for retirement make sure that they take the time and necessary steps to properly financially plan their future by working with an investment advisory firm such as HCR Wealth Advisors.

HCR Wealth Advisors believe that retirement is a time where people get to discover their new selves. You get to find out who you really are and what kind of life you will have after the adjustment of retiring has taken place. Some people experience various changes in their life that may affect them either negatively or positively, depending on their planning. When people retire, they have to start fresh again to learn to live a whole new lifestyle. For example, their socialization, personal and family life can be affected. Instead of living a life of working every day and socializing with the exact same people on a daily basis, you will go to not working and not socializing with those people, making your lifestyle change significantly. You can go from having a joyful and happy retirement to having a very depressed one if you have not strategically planned ahead of time for how you will spend the days of your retirement.

HCR Wealth Advisors introduces the New Retirement, which is a plan that helps you to better transition and adapt to retiring. By better planning your retirement, you can avoid the struggles and hassles that life will bring upon you. If you have not properly planned for retiring, you can encounter a big change to your life that can involve depression, boredom, frustration, procrastination and inadequacy and low self-esteem. HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) believe that you want to plan properly for retirement in order to not retire from something but to retire into something. It is not just better for your mental state, but properly planning ahead is good for your physical state and can even increase your life expectancy because you are living by a plan.

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Is Rocketship Education The Real deal

There are a number of learning programs that are on the market now days as well as a number of new schools. Since everyone person that’s alive tends to learn at their own pace, there are sure to be some gaps in-between. These gaps are basically learning gaps, and they can mean the difference between going to college or dropping out of school. Luckily there is one solution that has been able to close this unfortunate gap, and it comes via an educational system. This educational system is known as Rocketship Public Schools. Also known as Rocketship Education, these schools have revolutionized the learning process via innovative technology.

Thanks to the technology of the 21st century, elementary-grade children have a much higher chance to build a firm educational-base. Rocketship Public Schools are the quintessential charter schools of the future, but it’s non-profit. Much of its funding comes from business owners, comes from the community and comes from celebrities. DreamBox, a mathematical-based program, is one of the top learning programs. This program actually comes in a game format, and it’s designed for K-8 students. Its software sources the data, and it create reports for teachers. Accelerated Reading 360 is very comprehensive as it monitors and assesses the reading capacity of students. This advanced-reading program can be used for elementary students, can be used for middle school students and can be used for high school students. As you can see, these two programs are delivering great results. In addition to that, the programs are fun to use, and they start at an estimated $20 per student.

Rocketship Public Schools are setting the tone for the 21st century. Children who reside in underprivileged areas can now learn at a much faster pace, which will lead to bigger success in the years to come.

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