Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Bradesco’s Chairman But He Still Gets Up Close And Personal With Customers

     When Luiz Carlos Trabuco was studying at the University of Sao Paulo, he wasn’t interested in banking. Luiz was a philosophy student, so his interests were more esoteric than pragmatic. But after Luiz earned a graduate degree in psychology, he decided to move away from his esoteric studies and find a job in the banking industry. That may sound strange to some people, but Brazil was a different country in 1969, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco needed a job. So he filled out a Bradesco application that year, and he got a job as a bank trainee.

Trabuco had a lot of bank titles over the years. His reputation and his experiences made him one of Brazil’s premier bank executives. He did get help from his friend and mentor Lazaro de Mello Brandão, the oldest bank chairman in Brazil’s history. So his progression from a trainee to director, to VP and then to CEO wasn’t a surprise. Brandão knew Luiz was a people’s person who listened to customer requests, and then he implemented services that fulfilled those requests.

For the last 9 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has helped put Bradesco on the world’s banking map. But Trabuco doesn’t take credit for the bank’s recent success. Trabuco credits his executive team because they put customers first. According to Luiz, customers need attention that goes beyond the norm in banking. That’s why Mr. Trabuco is pushing to add new bank services that Millennials want these days. Trabuco is pushing new mobile banking services, and his attention to details doesn’t go unnoticed. The bank is enjoying its position in Brazil’s banking world while bank executives find other profit paths that serve the bank as well as its customers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco doesn’t claim to have all the answers that will keep Bradesco fresh and relevant in Brazil. But he does give people hope when it comes to offering services that other banks don’t offer. Trabuco knows Bradesco has to lend more money to middle-class customers in 2018. And he knows the bank has to keep up with the bank startups that are taking market share away from other banks. So he is not afraid to take a few calculated risks to help his customers and his bank.

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