Here’s Who Madison Street Capital Truly Is

Based out of The Windy City – Chicago, Illinois – Madison Street Capital boasts itself as one of the industry’s leaders in corporate finance. This investment manager is based all over the world, including the sub-Saharan African country of Ghana, second-most populated country in the world in India, and the Pacific Northwest’s own Oregon. Few other investment agencies have eyes and ears around the world to incorporate a well-rounded, globalized view of investing into their clients’ portfolios, as Madison Street Capital is no exception. Learn more:


This corporate investment agency places their reputation above all, as found on an informative article on While most businesses, especially those dealing with high volumes of capital like Madison Street Capital, claim to hold ethical and moral standards above all, few of them actually do, a sentiment that Madison Street Capital can claim with truth, completeness, and 100% honesty.


Madison Street Capital reputation is higher than virtually every other corporate investment entity on the market. One of the many transactions that proved Madison Street Capital’s values is its advising of WLR Automative Group that was worth $13.2 million, in which they sold an existing building and leased it from the group they sold it to. The investing organization has served as the sole advisor for HeartSync, a leader in manufacturing medical-quality products used in reviving people with heart problems. They’ve also partnered with AREA Security Corporation, praised by its president Ben Eazzetta for their helpfulness.


Madison Street Capital performs a number of services for their clients, including wealth preservation, business valuation, and virtually every focus of corporate advisory one can think of: mergers & acquisitions, capital restructuring, ESOP, and corporate governance, just to name a few. The group has won several awards in the past few years, most notably six from The M&A Advisor since 2015, having been an International M&A Award Winner the past two years.


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