Fabletics Understands The “New” Consumer

Amazon is taking notice when it comes to the fashion industry. It is no secret to those in the know that Fabletics is becoming more and more popular, and that people are enjoying it a lot more than Amazon. This is because Fabletics offers high quality clothing at a price that is half of what their competitors charge. Not only that, but they offer a lot of flexibility. They care about their customers, they offer last mile service, they offer an amazing subscription based service, and they use one of a kind techniques to make their customers happy.


One example of this would be the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics lets their customers come into their stores and try out clothing without committing to buying it at the moment if they are not sure whether or not they want it. This is because the item gets added to the customer’s online cart so that they can buy it later. Thirty percent of customers who enter the Fabletics stores are already subscribers, while another quarter percent become subscribers right then and there. This lets Fabletics combat the showroom trend, which is killing businesses that do not have the ingenuity of Fabletics. Other businesses lose money when people come in to try on clothing but not to buy it, instead choosing to buy it at a cheaper price online. Because of Fabletics’ unique model, this does not apply to them. It also shows how much Fabletics just wants their customers to be satisfied.


The growth rate of Fabletics increases thirty five percent each year, and they have already experienced a two hundred percent growth rate. According to Shawn Gold, the director of marketing for Tech Style, which is the parent company of Fabletics, this is because of Fabletics’ focus on their customers, on culture, on people, and on accessibility. Fabletics understands the “new” consumer and what they want in today’s fast paced and digital world. They put an emphasis on data science, made possible by online retail.


Kate Hudson has been involved with Fabletics from the early days of the company. Whether she is helping them shape their customer support policies, their social media marketing strategies, their budgets, or whatever else the Fabletics team needs help with, she is on hand to help them achieve success. It is no surprise that they are successful with her as part of the team. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.

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