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US Money Reserve’s Generosity in the Face of Disaster

Most citizens of the US would argue that gold and silver coins are the currency of the past and the almighty green dollar holds all the power today. However, the US Money Reserve proves that this is not entirely true. The US Money Reserve is one of the biggest administrators of gold, silver, and platinum money in the entire country. It was founded in 2001 by gold experts who wanted to bring their knowledge of currency to an accessible place for America’s citizens. They remain dedicated to educating citizens who invest in precious metals about the value and many benefits of owning gold and/or silver.


The US Money Reserve is made up of currency professionals including gold specialists, data experts, research, inventory, sales, and many more. This team ensures that a majority of clients who invest in gold, silver, or platinum have made a profit over the years.


However, the US Money Reserve does more than just provide services for those seeking to invest in coins made from precious metals. When category four Hurricane Harvey hit earlier this year, they paired up with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and raised over $200,000 for victims of the hurricane. Since the US Money Reserve is based in Texas, the destruction created by Hurricane Harvey was personal, according to CEO Angela Koch, and they wanted to do something to help. So, they decided to match donations given to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. All of the money raised by both companies will go straight to citizens of the Gulf Coast in Texas who were impacted by the hurricane.


Members of the Relief Network held the US Money Reserve in high esteem for making such generous donations and asserted that it was corporations like it that allow such high amounts of financial aid for those in need to be raised in the face of a disaster. This nonprofit organization consists of numerous churches in Austin that prepares citizens for crisis and provide resources in the aftermath. This partnership is the perfect example of how nonprofit organizations like the Relief Network, and for-profit corporations like the Money Reserve can come together and provide necessary help to those who need it.


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