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A Close Look at the DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

When the world was faced with financial crises a decade ago, everything stood still for DAMAC properties. The prices of the first building that this now well-established company built went down by a significant 50 percent. This was hard for Hussain Sajwani. His entrepreneurial spirit did not, however, allow him to give up. He gave all he had to see to it that his business rose up again. A few years later, DAMAC Properties is known across the globe for being a leader in real estate. As a matter of fact, the company is attributed to giving Dubai the modern city it is today.

Only a few companies have managed to get to the London Stock Exchange. As at 2013, no company from the Middle East had managed to be in this least, but DAMAC Properties. All the success amassed by this company is courtesy of its founder, Hussain Sajwani. While growing up, Mr. Sajwani learned incredible lessons from his father who was a shopkeeper. He got to understand that there are opportunities and fluctuations in business. These life-changing lessons have made Hussain be ranked the 10th richest business person in the Middle East. Creating brands and partnering with other businesses for the good course have seen Hussain Sajwani partnering with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and Tiger Woods in creating one of the largest golf course in Dubai, known as Trump golf course, as per Saudi Projects.

As much of a business mogul as President Donald Trump is, so is the DAMAC owner. The two have massively invested in real estate. Their relationship has made many people brand Hussain Sajwani the Donald of Dubai. With all the success he has amassed, Hussain Sajwani has become synonymous with charity. Having noted the plight of children from the United Arab Emirates, the DAMAC owner parted with at least two million for an operation that was aimed at dressing them. He also expressed his intentions of supporting the Dubai government in bettering the standards of living among children who are deprived. Besides, Hussain (@hussainsajwani) readily shares business insights with people who follow him on his social media platforms.

Financial Freedom with Jim Toner

Financial freedom is the ability and availability of choice to live without worrying about that paycheck. This means that an individual has stable income resulting from investment which is successful. Financial freedom is more of a journey. For any trip, you need guidance, someone to show you directions. The expertise needs to come from people who have done it themselves.

Jim Toner is just the perfect example of people who have made it regarding financial freedom. When we talk about experience, Jim Toner has gone through the highs and the lows making him learn in the process. He is a successful investor with over twenty-five years in the real estate industry. Success is not about keeping to yourself. It is about sharing knowledge so that other people in the community can grow too. For this reason, he is willing to share the secrets and remove this enigma about success financially. It is people of this nature that can help you build that empire you think of.

The economy has been harsh in the recent past. The recession has hit the country, and the housing market was affected too. During this period people lost to scums who promised solutions with “bad advice.” For Jim Toner, the real estate was not that shaky, but people made terrible decisions which cost them. Now, there is still hope. The economy according to Toner is gaining momentum, and it is time to get wealth. This is an opportunity if you are prepared to seize.

Am sure you have heard a lot about attitude. It is true that negative attitude even with all ingredients, success won’t materialize. A mentor and a success coach, Jim Toner, has experienced a lot to know the value of positive attitude. With the right attitude and being optimistic investments will come through. Jim Toner has established that the market is favorable and people are now looking to capitalize on the low prices. Be careful who is around you. The people around us affect our decisions, so if you have right people, definitely you end up with correct decisions.

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Adam Milstein’s Tips To Balance Philanthropy With Work

Adam Milstein is one of the top real estate brokers in the Jewish-American community who has made extravagant deals as Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. But he’s also been an advocate of bringing together Jews of all political beliefs and creeds together to support the motherland of Israel though his philanthropies. He made the Jerusalem Post’s list of Top 50 Most Influential Jews in 2016, an honor that also included names such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and fellow businessman Haim Saban. But Milstein also has answered questions with media outlets over how he juggles his business activities with the hundred of organizations his foundation supports.


Adam Milstein told the Huffington Post that there are three things that make philanthropy work for him. First, being a philanthropist is something he takes joy in because it’s not a chore, it’s his way of saying thank you to organizations who fight for causes he cares about. And he believes everyone can feel proud of their philanthropy when they view it that way. Second, Milstein says you don’t have to worry about focusing all your energy on hundreds of philanthropies at once. Just focus on the ones that matter most to you. And finally he says to really get the most out of philanthropy, you should donate your own personal time to volunteering with the organization.


Adam Milstein’s most important passions in uniting the Jewish community to support Israel and further its relations with the US come from having lived there through the struggles of its early days. He was born in 1952 to a building framer and stay-at-home mother, and in 1971 he joined the Israeli military including fighting in Ariel Sharon’s unit in the Yom Kippur War. In 1974 he married Gila Elgrably and 4 years later completed his bachelor’s in business administration at the Technion in Haifa. Not long after he moved his family to California where he completed grad school and then co-founded his real estate company. Adam and his wife co-chair the Milstein Family Foundation through which they support their pro-Israel organizations, including their largest organization the Israeli-American Council.

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