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Betsy DeVos and Her Creative Solution to the Education Crisis

Betsy DeVos’s career in philanthropy has spanned over 3 decades. Her creative thinking,and dedication to bettering her country and community led President Donald Trump to appoint her the United States Secretary of Education. She is looking to use her experience as a philanthropist and a reformer to drastically improve education for all American children.


Her time as Secretary has already brought a few sweeping changes. In the past year the number of students in educational choice programs has risen by 40,000. Mrs. DeVos sees this as a step in the right direction. A step toward providing quality education for students regardless of their family’s social or financial standing.


Her support for charter schools is grounded in her belief that every child deserves the best education possible. And, if alternative methods of education are successful, (charter schools, home schools, etc.) it may force more traditional schools to repair themselves.


Betsy DeVos saw firsthand how the nation’s public schools were failing America’s children. She witnessed families that sacrificed in order to send their children to a safe school in which their growing minds were nurtured. She realized that if her children are allowed to have a choice in schooling than every other child deserves the same. There is no doubt that these experiences contributed to her desire to give parents a choice in their child’s educational institution. Private schools are often better alternatives and if the U.S. government can find a way to give choice in education then the entire system will improve.


According to Mrs. DeVos the solution to America’s education problem will not be one, ‘magic’, fix. Though she supports charter schools, she knows that it will be a combination of methods that will all combine to improve education.


Betsy DeVos sees a future in which emerging technology and school choice will have a tremendous impact on the quality of the country’s educational quality. She believes that every parent should be able to choose the right educational option for their children. She sees homeschooling and digital classrooms as a way to reach that goal. She believes that creativity and hard work will fix our system and that future generations will benefit most.


Betsy DeVos may come off as soft spoken, but those who know her realize that President Trump did not hire a ‘yes woman’. Anyone who has worked with her in her extensive political and philanthropic efforts know that she will fight for what she believes and will not fold easily.


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