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Is Rocketship Education The Real deal

There are a number of learning programs that are on the market now days as well as a number of new schools. Since everyone person that’s alive tends to learn at their own pace, there are sure to be some gaps in-between. These gaps are basically learning gaps, and they can mean the difference between going to college or dropping out of school. Luckily there is one solution that has been able to close this unfortunate gap, and it comes via an educational system. This educational system is known as Rocketship Public Schools. Also known as Rocketship Education, these schools have revolutionized the learning process via innovative technology.

Thanks to the technology of the 21st century, elementary-grade children have a much higher chance to build a firm educational-base. Rocketship Public Schools are the quintessential charter schools of the future, but it’s non-profit. Much of its funding comes from business owners, comes from the community and comes from celebrities. DreamBox, a mathematical-based program, is one of the top learning programs. This program actually comes in a game format, and it’s designed for K-8 students. Its software sources the data, and it create reports for teachers. Accelerated Reading 360 is very comprehensive as it monitors and assesses the reading capacity of students. This advanced-reading program can be used for elementary students, can be used for middle school students and can be used for high school students. As you can see, these two programs are delivering great results. In addition to that, the programs are fun to use, and they start at an estimated $20 per student.

Rocketship Public Schools are setting the tone for the 21st century. Children who reside in underprivileged areas can now learn at a much faster pace, which will lead to bigger success in the years to come.

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