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Jeunesse – M1ND and Reserve

Beauty and health products are found in every corner of the globe. People search far and wide for the best ways to stay and look healthy and elongate their lives. This was even true for Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who noticed such a strong demand that they decided to start a new business in the health and nutrition sector. They wanted to provide a range of products that would help people feel and look healthier inside and out. What they noticed, however, was a large sector of products that had less effective, unnatural ingredients that restricted a person’s true health. This recognition is what gave birth to Jeunesse Global.


Their company is focused on providing high-quality products using all-natural ingredients scientifically proven to benefit the body and mind. They offer a wide range of products to fill all major categories toward a person’s inner and outer beauty and health. Each product is specially designed to provide benefits using a unique blend of ingredients found in nature that the body can utilize more easily and effectively.


An example of one product is a drink called Reserve. It is a dietary supplement that is designed to support the ability’s fight against free-radical damage. They wanted a product that would accomplish this in a healthy and delicious way. They use a combination of five superfruits along with aloe vera, green tea, and grape seed extracts with antioxidant properties. The result is a heart-healthy, non-toxic aid toward inner health.


Another example of their products is M1ND (spelled M…1…N…D). These are gel packs made of corn and sourced from protein in silk cocoons that are geared to aid in memory retention and clarity. Backed by clinical trials, these products are made to increase memory, fight distraction, and help people stay on task, all done with ingredients found in nature.


With products like these, Randy and Wendy, along with their son Scott, stay focused on keeping people feeling younger and happier. To do this most effectively, they decided to pursue the course of direct selling. This business structure quickly and efficiently provides customers around the world with sources selling the products. It also allows for smooth distribution channels and provides financial benefits to representatives located in countries the products are sold. Randy and Wendy are proud of the economic benefits their products have provided, and look forward to expanding these benefits to more people around the world. In their eyes, providing health and beauty is a beautiful thing.,19.htm

The Uniqueness of Waiakea Water

Bottled Water is becoming a favorite of many people. Due to the unsafe nature of tap water, people are turning to bottled water as a means of enjoying the tasty and quality water. When dealing with bottled water, there are things that one should be familiar with.

Comparing bottled water

The fact that you are drinking bottled water does not in any way mean that the water is safe. Many companies make bottled water without revealing the source of their water. Some take tap water and ran it through pH machine and then puts it in a bottle. Such water has no difference from the tap water.

When choosing bottled water, one should go with the best option available. Currently, there is only one brand that has proved to have all it takes to supply water that meets the highest stand of bottled water. Waiakea Water is an option that no one should ignore. It is the best brand in the market today. The water is safe and meets the highest standards of safety.

The uniqueness in Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is tapped directly from the mountains. It comes with natural alkalinity, and there is no pH machine used to adjust the pH level. The human body has a way it reacts to acidity. Too much acidity is not good for tissues and cells well-being.

The right pH value

Waiakea water has the best alkaline pH value of 8.2 which is naturally given as water comes down from the Hawaii volcano. Mauna Loa Mountain is compassed of a porous rock which serves as a filter for water collected by Waiakea.

The naturally alkaline water contains other minerals that help human with minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Volcanic water

Mauna Loa volcano is one of the rainiest places on earth. It rains for 360 out of 365 days. It means that there is a constant flow of water from the mountains throughout the year. About the source getting depleted is not an issue. The water coming down the mountain passes through 14,000 feet before Waiakea Water taps it.

Waiakea has put transparency in the process of getting their water. Everyone can consume their water without fear of the source.


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