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Lois Chenevert Provides Useful Tips for Investing in Manpower

Earning global recognition in the business world is a fete that only a handful of the world’s population can achieve. Among these ranks is Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman, and entrepreneur.


He assumed the presidency and the Chief Executive Officer’s office in April 2008, two years before he was elected the chair of the company’s board. Before that, he served as the Chief Operations Officer and the Director of the tech firm since 2006. Between 1999-2006, he was President of Pratt & Whitney. Additionally, he was the General Manager of the production unit in General Motors, St. Therese branch for virtually 15 years.


He holds various seats in Executive Committees including the chairmanship of the tax and finance committee. He is also a member of the Business Council and the US-India CEO forum. He chairs the Yale’s Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and has membership in Cargill’s Board of Directors as well as Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.


As a bigwig businessman, Chenevert offers investment insights and tips to help young entrepreneurs to make better investment choices. Below, he provides effective tips of investing in your staffs.


Work-Friendly Environment

One way to ensure employees operate optimally is by making the workplace an area staffs will enjoy spending time in. You don’t want a place for clock-watchers, because such situations brew drama and conflicts among employees. Create a unique, fun commonplace instead of the traditional break room with a few lunch tables. Find a ping-pong table or an arcade to spice up things in the workplace.


Offer Rewards to Hard Workers

While some employees may shrug a shoulder to an “Employee of the Week” award, this move will evoke a feeling of appreciation and belonging among the staffs that receive the awards for their outstanding efforts. Alternatively, you can offer gift cards or vouchers as a token of appreciation.


Team Building

There’s more to team building than just bringing together employees to work toward an objective. Try partnering with charitable organizations and compel your staffs to volunteer in simple tasks creates warm relationships among employees. Such circumstances make them ignore their differences and come together for a greater good.

Doe Deere: Creating her American Dream

Doe Deere’s journey begins across the world in the country of Russia where she was born and lived throughout her adolescent years. There, she would watch American movies, listen to American music and wonder at the English language, hoping one day she too could have a slice of the pie that is the American dream. Doe would have that change at the age of 17 when her mother decided to take her sister and her to begin a new life in New York City. Quickly her thoughts went to the quote she had heard so often in movies, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, and Doe Deere was determined to make it.

Unfortunate events, however, led to her family to homelessness within here first few years in New Yor. Her mother, an accountant in Russia, had not seen success in transferring her credentials, therefore she was forced to take on low paying jobs such as house cleaner. Shen attempted to help out by taking small jobs or walking dogs, however, the overbearingness of bills became too much. Doe and her family would end up at a Manhattan homeless shelter where she shared one room with no kitchen and had to wait in church lines every day to have something to eat. It was not until social worker and advocate for struggling immigrant families Dorchen Leidholdt stepped in to bring relief to the family. With Leidholdt’s help, her mother would finally find an accounting career and her sister would obtain a scholarship to attend Columbia University. Leidholdt, after seeing Doe’s sketches recognized her talent and guided her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lastly, Deere reminds us that not all American families start off as Americans and that sometimes, those with the hardest struggles might be the ones to contribute one day to the greatness of America.


Robert Deignan- Successful entrepreneur and CEO of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the co-founder of ATS Digital Services, a one-stop facility for tech solutions. It is one of the companies that has been around for the past one decade. Through this company, users of new technologies are getting a reprieve since this is a company they can call any time and they will be given the necessary support. Through the service offered by this company, there is hope that consumers will no longer have to worry about a company they can call when they encounter tech problems. ATS Digital is a call away, and it will offer any service you need. What makes this company unique is that it have almost every kind of support you might need.

Robert Deignan created this company with a great plan. He knew everything that he wanted to accomplish, and he created a team of employees who would work with him and deliver the mission he had. Today, if you call ATS Digital services, you will be served by a team of dedicated experts and who will not give up until your issue is resolved. By working with ATS Digital Services, you will get experts who can offer remote services and even physical installation services. Depending on the nature of your issues, they will be happy to help.

Robert Deignan has now been in the tech industry for about 20 years. In this period, he has identified the most basic needs of the tech user. He is now doing everything possible to come up with a solution that can make a difference in this industry. This industry is no longer the way it was five years ago; it keeps on changing. Anyone who is careful to look can spot the difference. Every year, something new is being created. Technology is evolving faster than many people can adapt. In such cases, what we can do is sit pretty and allow tech experts like Robert Deignan come up with solutions that can address our needs. ATS Digital Services is one of the companies that has shown the readiness to become great through proviso of superior products and services.

Hometown Heros- The DeVos

For many in their hometown of Grand Rapids, the power couple that is Dick and Betsy DeVos are heroes. For many years, they have both worked hard at making their town a better place to live. From politics and philanthropy to schools and voucher systems, they are more involved than most.


Back in the early 90s, Dick DeVos was working hard in his family’s company called Amway. He was working towards the top and was doing a good job of getting there. However, that took a side seat while he worked on other things that popped up. He had heard that there was a plan to build a new convention and sports center in the Grand Rapids downtown area. Dick was not too happy when he heard this news. He felt building it would not be in the best interest of his beloved town.


To help with his fight against the construction of the center, he formed a group with other local business men to go against the proposal. Both Dick and his wife, Betsy, were heirs to the fortunes that their families had left behind. However, they didn’t use their money as a way to spend their lives without purpose. They have both worked hard and spend much of their fortunes on helping out those less fortunate.


The couple are firm Republicans and very involved in politics. They have been known to spend lot of money in support of the Republican party as well. For more than 30 years, they have given away more than $100 million dollars towards the formation of leadership programs, human and health services, arts and culture, policy initiatives and churches.


They both have a fond love of education. Mrs DeVos works in Washington as the Secretary of Education and the couple together have opened a charter school in their hometown of Grand Rapids. They opened it at the airport. Mr. DeVos is a huge lover of aviation and has flown both private and commercial airplanes. This is why he chose to open a charter school on the grounds of the airport.


To this day, the Michigan Aviation Charter School opened by DeVos has continued to grow and become more successful. This is a non-profit charter school that started with just 80 students back in 2010. It is now open and running with more than 600 teenagers from various counties across the state. To get into the school, there is a lottery that is held each year during the spring. This is done to help choose which students will be able to attend the following year when there are more applications than openings.


The school is a charter school and tuition to attend is free. It is run just like public school in the area and operates with an allowance given to it by Michigan state. Dick and Betsy DeVos have also given more than $8 million in funds towards running the school as well. This included a $4 million dollar loan to help expand the school and equip the buildings.


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