An Insight into Jojo Hedaya- the Co-founder of Unroll.Me

Your email is a significant part of your life. It’s like you’re attached to it. At times, your inbox may pile up. In such an instance, it may be hard to keep up with the important emails. Some of these essential emails may get buried under the junk files. Although some of these emails may also notify you about the various offers by some of the brands, shopping can only be carried out after working hours. Since struggling with such emails has become a common problem, the two 24-year olds came up with a solution. Their solution was in the form of a platform that went by the name Unroll.Me. This platform serves as an email organization tool.

The Unroll.Me platform was formed out of the personal frustrations that people were undergoing. Unroll.Me usually scans your emails, and all your subscriptions are compiled into one email. You can peruse through the subscriptions at ease. You can also pick the time when Unroll.Me can scan through your emails.

The young entrepreneurs who founded this platform were raised in New York. They later traveled to Israel for their higher education studies, and this is where they officially met. Before naming their company, Jojo Hedaya and his friend Josh had to come up with a company name. Jojo Hedaya also says that he would wake up and find numerous emails from Josh. Eventually, they named their company Unroll.Me. The company began to fully operate two years ago. Although other platforms offer the same services as Unroll.Me, Jojo Hedaya acknowledges that they platform stands out from the rest. Jojo Hedaya also noted that the execution but worries them more than the competition.

Their primary goal is to make things simple. For instance, Jojo Hedaya was paying close attention to one of their competitors. Despite the presence of enough funds and publicity from the press, the company failed terribly since they offered a poor user experience. One of the primary goals of Unroll.Me is to ensure that their users have a unique experience when using the platform. By ensuring that there is simplicity, Unroll.Me has attracted a considerable pool of users.

WebRTC Technology, What Is That And Why Is Bob Reina Using it?

Anyone who keeps up with the ever chaning world of technology knows that it’s hard to keep up with. However, there are some people and companies who always seem to have that leading edge. Bob Reina and Talk Fuion are such a company and they just introduced a software that uses what is known as WebRTC technology.


So, what is WebRTC technology and how does it make things better? We are glad you ask. It’s simply a new software that is being used to make some of the aspects of Talk Fusion much better. The system is unparalleled and will soon be added to as many of the Talk Fusion apps as it can be. It’s another part of the company’s way of staying competitive. They are using many promotional methods and attracting both Video Suite and Live Meeting users to the Talk Fusion platform.


Talk fusion has been around for awhile and they always stay ahead of their competition because they keep up with technology. Perhaps the reason the company continues to grow is because the CEO Bob Reina has a global mission and that mission is a simple one, but, one his is very compassionate about. The mission is to change lives for the better.


The mission hasn’t changed since the company opened their doors in 2007. It has always been to help change people’s lives and make them better. The whole business model of Talk Fusion is simple to help others build their futures and help them realize their dreams. The founder and CEO Bob Reina has always said that with success you have responsibility. This simple concept goes right back to the mission, it simple means to help others because that’s what you should do.


Talk Fusion is always doing more and making the products, services and business opportunities better. The corporate DNA of the company is to always do more and live up to the mission and it’s working. Bob Reina continues his education and is always passing on knowledge to the associates of Talk Fusion and they are always using technology to make the company better.


Bob himself gives freely in his local community. He has helped many people and even animals in his community. Talk Fusion has set up programs so that leaders can give back in their community also. Each Talk Fusion Associate can donate a free account to any charity they want as part of giving back. Imagine being able to use branding and a unique, all in one marketing system to get your message into the local community or anywhere in the world. That’s what Talk Fusion does and it is so powerful and so helpful. It really lives up to the company mission, doesn’t it? Learn more:

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