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Anthony Constantinou, A Leading Researcher In Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou is a leading scholar in artificial intelligence, and an assistant professor in the Queen Mary University, London, in the United Kingdom. His area of specialization is machine and data mining. He is also a principal investigator on EPSRC UKRI fellowship which deals with Bayesian artificial intelligent.


Anthony Constantinou branch of research, Bayesian artificial intelligence, entails casual discovery and making decisions using intelligent under uncertainty. He works with other intellectuals and industrial organizations globally where his analysis is utilized in various fields such as economic, sports, gaming and finance. He has done more research on artificial intelligent probabilistic methods, Bayesian networks for intelligent decision-making, risk assessment, predictions as well as risk management.


Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with prominent researchers such as Martin Neil and Norma Fenton in developing a new model of a Bayesian network, which assist in predicting football match results. Currently, the predictions are published on the internet. Anthony Constantinou worked with these intellectuals when he was doing his research in the research department of risk management and information management at the school of computer science and electronic engineering at QMUL.


An constant and outstanding research has borne fruits as he has published the first academic research to prove profitability. EPSRC financed the study and is a significant milestone in football gambling since profitability goes in hand with future results of the football matches in football gambling industry. Besides, Anthony Constantinou is a fellow of post-doctoral research with Wolfson Institute of prevention medicine. This entity deals with violence prevention. Go To This Page for more information.


The AI hero is currently developing a Bayesian network for management models to handle and assess risks of violent offense using domain specialist. NIHR funds this research and the primary objective is to establish a backup system for quantifying uncertainty, and to help in the management of violence through different interventions. Anthony Constantinou is not only an expert in Bayesian interference and artificial intelligence, but also in knowledge engineering and intelligent decision making.



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