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The Legacy of Louis Chenevert and His Reputation in the Business World

The former CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a Canadian businessman named Louis Chenevert, and one of the most successful people in that corporation, who has brought to UTC countless achievements and successes during his career.

 Born in Quebec, Louis was also the president of an engine business that UTC owns, called the Pratt & Whitney, where he worked for a long time and learned most of the duties of a CEO and leader of an organization. Louis Chenevert then went to HEC, in Montreal, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in production and management and gathered more knowledge and experience on administration and business leadership. Louis’ career in UTC started in 1993 when he left General Motors to work for Pratt & Whitney. Due to his success at Pratt & Whitney, he eventually was promoted to the CEO of the company.

When Louis Chenevert was elected as the CEO, America’s economy was in recession. However, as a testament to his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, he was still able to raise the share-price of UTC to 200% which was from $37 to $117. It was an incredible margin, and the success of the decisions of the CEO Chenevert shocked everyone in the company.

Because of that rise in net value and reputation, UTC remained on top of the aerospace and building industry during Chenevert’s time as the CEO without being dodgy with taxes, relocating, brushes with environmental compliance laws and most importantly, without underpaying UTC’s workers. Louis Chenevert kept making business decisions in the future that would keep skyrocketing his business and winning the competition.

In UTC, Chenevert is known as a think tank or “the man with a plan” who always have a strategy in their business of innovating sophisticated jet engines as well as having military and commercial contracts worldwide. The employees and co-workers of Louis hold him very dearly both for what he has done for the company and for his personality.

With Chenever at the leadership of UTC, the company received unprecedented growth and was able to focus all its available skilled workers, resources and strengths to the aerospace and building industry to the point that it has become their identity.

Eli Gershkovitch:A Canadian Craft Beer Pioneer


Canadians are passionate about craft beer. Each year the are many craft beer festivals held throughout Ontario. These festivals showcase some of the top small batch craft brewers. One Toronto, Ontario brewing company is set to release an alcohol-free craft beer this fall. Banned from drinking alcohol because he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, the owner of the brewing company set out to produce the best alcohol-free craft beer.

That’s just one example of how passionate Canadians are about their beer. Another example is that in Toronto there are 200 ethnic groups, speaking 140 languages and there are 300 craft breweries. Yet the industry is still considered to be in its infancy.


Eli Gershkovitch is a Canadian craft beer brewer. The CEO of Steamworks Brewery, he has been involved in brewing craft beer for over 20 years. It was a trip to visit a number of European breweries in 1987 that got Eli Gershkovitch interested in creating craft beer. He and his partner started off in 1994 with a small brew pub in Gastown.


Gradually, as demand grew, the amount of craft beer Steamworks produced grew to meet the demand. Soon the craft brewery was doing such a brisk business, Gershkovitch added almost 5 times the number of seats in the brew pub. Eventually, he opened a second location in neighboring Waterfront station.


These days Eli Gershkovitch is considered a Canadian craft beer industry pioneer. The former attorney has continued to expand his operations to meet the increased demand. In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch decided he needed to build a full-scale brewery. One with a capacity of 40,000-hectolitre. Now he straddles the limit of what can legally be considered a micro-brewery.


But Eli Gershkovitch is not worried. Steamworks Brewery has seen a dramatic increase in its customer base. There is now an older crowd. It includes more women as well as white-collar and blue-collar workers looking for good, flavorful craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch now sells his craft beer in a number of Canadian provinces, 14 U.S. states and in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, and Switzerland. Steamworks Brewery has gone global.

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Equities First Holdings Earns Spot in Top Tier Financial Enterprises

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock-based loans and has become one of the most recognized and innovative financial enterprise. Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is a platform for credit services and offers security through the transaction of allowing customers to receive loans with publicly traded stocks. Equities First Holdings differentiates itself by offering the most affordable rates regarding qualification criteria. Customers have been able to achieve their personal and business financial goals, ensuring security throughout each transaction.


The organization provides lending solutions to costumers globally. Equities First Holdings has expanded its office to 7 countries and has managed to transact upwards of $1.4 Billion. The company’s transparent and secure transaction processes has allowed them to pick up high net-worth business owners looking for non-purpose capital and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.


The London office has played a huge component in the development and growth of Equities First Holdings. From gaining prestigious clientele to working with Chief Executive of Paysafe PLC, Joel Leoneff, in which it became the second most high publicized repayment of shares. Because of this publicity and success in networking, London has committed $100M to further invest in lending within the European Market and what Equities First Holdings knows.


Equities First Holdings provides the lowest rates on their loan products across the world. The company has been able to accumulate clients through their business model and offering customers fast and secure stock options. The company also provides a fixed interest rate for a set amount of time to ensure the borrower will be able to easily settle the credit.


Equities First Holdings main clients are businesses and high net-worth individuals looking for non-purpose capital. Through their secure and fast options, their customers do not have limits or difficulty in loan repayment. Through credit-based loans, their customers are able to overcome an economic crisis. They’re offered a liquid supply throughout a secure, fast, and transparent process. Click here to view their official website.