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Bruno Fagali Legal Advice On Ethical Compliance

The importance of ethical practices in corporations, especially regarding the advertising department cannot be assumed away. The whole domain of a sound, integrity acquainted corporate administration rotates around there being of sound policies and compliance procedures. This is a multifaceted dispensation that requires the attention of experienced legal advisors such as Bruno Fagali. The lawyer’s role in helping organizations adapt to Brazilian ethical compliance statutes, and state laws as well, has been applauded by many clients in Brazil.

Currently, Bruno Fagali is a Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova /SB. His chief role as an integrity conformist has given him a wealth of legal and ethical knowledge, which is valuable to the corporate world.

He also operates independently in his agency named Fagali Law Firm. Fagali advocacy has handled so far some cases regarding administrative law and state law. The lawyer has had top notch legal roles in other law firms since the year 2006.

The Lawyer is an Alma Mater of the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a master’s degree in State law in the year 2017. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he attained his Bachelor’s degree in law and specialized in Administrative law from the same institution.

Bruno Fagali leadership role in Nova/SB was exemplified by the award the company won for upholding compliance. The company won the top prize for compliance from Ethos Institute. The award was a testament to the wealth of knowledge and intellect that the corporate manager has in respect to the ethical law. It is also notable that the company was the first advertising agency to be recognized by Ethos Institute and given such an award.

Bruno Fagali has been very vocal about the scope of unethical practices in the advertising industry, positing on the compliance procedures that need to be put in place to ensure that advertising department does not collide with advertising agencies. He argues things like gifts should not be allowed as they are the windows that permit this malpractice. He also believes that companies ought to lay down sound payment procedures.

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