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Mind, Body, And Soul: Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California is creating and nurturing complete students. They understand that what is established in other schools is a divisive culture that hinders the student’s potential and growth. The culture I’m speaking of is the outdated formula of athletes vs the intellectuals. Why limit yourself? What’s best for the student and bears fruit is to combine mind, body, and soul.

ART U Urban Knights

They currently have 16 sports teams involved in the Pacific West Conference and NCAA Division II sports division competition. They participate in soccer, tennis, track & field, basketball, volleyball, golf, and much more. Contact the school for a full list of all the sports activities they offer.

The Benefits Of Sports And Art

Weaving the best of both worlds becomes streamlined when we understand the similarity of the two. Here are the most powerful elements:


The ability to work with other people is a must, no matter how good you are at completing your goals alone. Working in a team environment allows your goals to be met more efficiently. You can tackle large projects quicker and expedite your learning and growth.

Absorb And Utilize Criticism

When you’re in the middle of a game or task you might make a mistake. Acknowledge the mistake, pivot in your plan of attack and make the adjustments necessary. Most importantly, learn from the situation and understand that experience is the best teacher.

Mastering Time

Practice, practice, practice, will enhance your speed and proficiency in the sporting world. Don’t lollygag, procrastinate, or put off tomorrow what you can get done today. Create a daily to-do list and get yourself a calendar to mark important dates and events. If you have a syllabus strive to stay ahead of the class.

Vocabulary and Communication

The right words at the right time can make all the difference. It’s just as important to listen as it is to get your point across.

Arranging Your Life

Before you begin a game or any scholastic task you must be organized. Knowing where everything is without thinking about it makes any process better. Predetermined systems beat chaos.

Ambitions Of A Artist

You must have the drive, even if you don’t yet have the vision. As you develop into who and what you want to be, ambition will be your fuel to carry you into the future.

Don’t limit yourself or allow yourself to be put into a box that others define. Become the complete student heading into a bright future and career with the Academy of Art University.

Article Title: How Does She Do It? Heather Parry President of Live Nation

Heather Parry is the President of Live Nation which is an event creator business that continues to attract high-end venues and shows. Most recently, she was able to help with the movie A Star Is Born. She directly called Bradley Cooper’s agent and just flat out asked: “How can I get involved?” She explained what Live Nation does and he called back and it was a hit. She went on to explain that Live Nation has assets and does major festivals and concerts so why not market a movie? So at a dinner party for Martha Stewart, she gave her pitch to Dave Bugliari. As she put it “here we are”.

Heather Parry

Now she has already taken on marketing some big-time musicians that have done their own movies. Lady Gaga’s documentary 5′ 2″. Puff Daddy’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy’s Story have both been promoted by Live Nation. Next on her list is to get more movie promotions going and to keep up with the current music venues. The festivals and concerts are scheduled months in advance and almost a tradition to market.

Heather Parry spent twelve years with MTV and then on to Happy Madison Productions where she spent another ten years. She has the experience of movie and music combined. She knows people and has the right attitude about how to get where she wants with her current position. She has been President since 2015. She dove in with a passion for what she does and her history in the business came to light. Culminating several years into one job.


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Clayton Hutson Reveals Secrets to Music Industry Success

Clayton Hutson is a famous guy who serves a business that provides the services for organizing events and other services to the musicians. He used to work on the theater design after he enrolled himself in the University located in Nashville. Now he is one of the successful project managers and serves best in the music industry. His work is mostly based on rock type of music. Some of the famous performances he has covered up in the past are of some of the biggest names in the music industry like Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N Roses. He had a world tour in the year 2005. The world tour was named as “Bleed like me.” His band which is known as Garbage has been performing in different parts of the world.

In an interview, He answered the tips and secrets to be followed to get successful in the music industry. He told that he has been able to gain the skills of market before he entered. He said that although huge risks were there but he was confident enough on his skills which came out beautifully. He said that the customers and clients are attracted to his firm because he works on even the little details. He told that one has to be dedicated towards his profession which really kicks the skills and his position to the next level. He said that he is open to any kind of criticism which helps him to improve his mistakes and guide him to a better path. Clayton Hutson said that his aim is to satisfy his clients. He said that his routine depends on whom he is working with. He told that has worked with Kid Rock these days so basically, his routine is a busy one. He added that he prioritizes his family over anything else. He also said that he regrets that he worked as a subcontractor with a firm and he shouldn’t have done it He recommended the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson to all.

Alex Pall Talks The Chainsmokers And Life As A DJ

In 2016, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers were featured in Interview Magazine where they discussed their lives and the success that they have achieved over the years. While The Chainsmokers originally consisted of Alex Pall and another DJ partner, the duo as we know of came about after the other member decided to leave the group. At this point, Taggart was brought on and The Chainsmokers were able to reach a level of success that they had only dreamed of.

The music they produce is transcendent to their fans that have a personal connection with the lyrics and sounds that Alex Pall and Taggart create. While other musicians in their popular genre seem to focus on artificial and generic lyrics set to heavy beats, they go several steps beyond to create a personal experience that their fans can relate and connect to. They put a bit of themselves in their music and even include their own vocal abilities in many of their tracks.

Before Alex Pall co-founded The Chainsmokers, he had been active DJ in New York City and the surrounding areas. While he truly enjoyed DJing, he was still approaching it as more of a hobby than an actual career. His fan base began to grow and he became busy with several gigs while working at an art gallery. Eventually, he realized that music is what he truly wanted to focus his career and life on so he had an important discussion with his manager. It was at this time that he was introduced to Taggart and the 2 immediately bonded over their musical tastes.

The music of The Chainsmokers has attracted fans around the world of different ages and walks of life. Alex Pall enjoys being able to stay connected to them all by being active on his popular social media accounts. One of their biggest hits was “Closer” featuring Halsey that has hit the top of the charts in countries around the world and has consistently stayed there in the United States for weeks on end. With their new album scheduled to drop soon, who knows how high their career will go.

Alex Pall: From Local DJ to Worldwide Sensation

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the two people who make up The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are a Grammy Award winning DJ/production duo that have made over half a dozen songs that have charted on the Billboard Hot 100. They started off making simple dance music, but eventually, their music branched out into something truly unique. Now their music has meaningful lyrics and unique background music. Together, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have revolutionized what it means to be a DJ act in the music industry.

“Closer”, for many fans, marked a turning point in the careers of The Chainsmokers. For one, it is one of their most meaningful songs to date. Second, it marked the debut of Andrew Taggart as lead singer. Prior to the release of “Closer,” neither Pall nor Taggart performed the vocals for their music; they relied on guest vocalists to provide that part of the track.

During the promotional tour for “Closer,” Alex Pall conducted an interview with Interview Magazine, and he discussed a variety of topics. Some of the topics included, their origin, their future, and how The Chainsmokers came up with their unique sound.

Like most interviews, this one began with the interviewer asking Alex Pall about where he came from and how he entered into the music industry.

Pall explained that he had been interested in music at a young age, and while it was a hobby for the majority of his career, he realized that music was consuming his life and began to take it seriously. According to Pall, he was in an art gallery when he came to this realization.

Pall’s partner, Andrew Taggart was going to school in Maine when he was recommended to meet up with Pall and see if things click. They did. Pall and Taggart were able to quickly create a professional relationship.

The interview concluded with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart discussing their future. Primarily, they talked about how Taggart being the lead singer of the group was a positive move for the group. Now, The Chainsmokers no longer need to rely on guest vocalists to complete their songs. Taggart has the skills to keep The Chainsmoker’s music sound fresh.

The Chainsmokers: Innovators in Music

The Chainsmokers are known for pushing the boundaries of music, particularly when it comes to EDM and pop music. Consistently putting out new and inventive tracks, The Chainsmokers are at it again with their latest single “Somebody”. This particular track is a bit different than others they have produced. In their track, “Somebody”, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart employed the use of modular synthesizing. They also took different vocal samples and played with the pitch levels in each to create a track with a lot of depth and interest. Recently, The Chainsmokers posted a video on their Facebook page where they explain some of the methodology that went into the song and the process of putting the track together. There are parts of the song “Somebody” that were originally intended to be put into another song which explain why there is a change in pitch in their song. Parts of this song utilize piano and it departs all the way to using synthesizers.

Topping the charts for the past 6 years, The Chainsmokers know how to produce music that stays relevant and interesting. In fact, they were recently added to the Billboard’s Dance 100 as the number 1 artist, a huge accomplishment and testament to their skills. This is especially impressive given that they are the first Dance/DJ duo to be named on Billboard’s Dance 100. Since they got started back in 2012, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been working to change what it means for DJs to be producing and playing their own music. When it comes to their shows, they are also pushing the boundaries of what their fans will experience. Typically with DJs, there is a very limited “performance” aspect, but since Andrew Taggart sings for The Chainsmokers, they are able to come up with really interesting and inventive performances to the delight of their fans. The Chainsmokers have been working hard to pave the ground when it comes to the press and they are always looking for new ways to stand out and please their fan base. We can look forward to more ground-breaking music from The Chainsmokers in the future.

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