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Earth Day festivities At Grace Farms



In line with their mission to preserve nature, wildlife, and the environment, Grace Farms celebrates Earth Day Festivities every year. It is a time to look at the progress that they have made and how they have impacted on the environment.


The president and chair of the foundation Sharon Prince often hosts several people who have interests in the initiatives. There are many reasons you should attend these festivities. First of all, they are always free and open to the public. In addition to that, they will leave you with useful insights when it comes to conservation.


They are family friendly activities


When organizing Earth Day festivities, Sharon Prince Grace Farms focuses on activities that are family friendly. Therefore, if you have a spouse and kids, you can always bring them along so that they enjoy some o the activities. You will notice that they are divided in various categories and that they are hosted on different locations in the community center. Therefore, everyone has a chance to choose the activities that they would like to engage in.


A chance to interact with nature


Do you love interacting with nature? When you attend the Earth Day festivities are Sharon Prince Grace Farms, you will experience some of the things that you have never seen before. You will see some of the indigenous plants species that people have forgotten about. In addition to that, the center gives a chance to see countless species of birds, and to visit the rivers where fish abound.


The whole idea behind the restoration of Grace Farms was spearheaded by Sharon Prince, a graduate of MBA and BBA. She studies at the University of Austin, and has been involved in many conservancy activities.


Away from conservancy, Sharon is known for her role in the fight against social vices such as exploitation of children, violence against women, and trafficking of humans.


She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


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How Sharon Prince Converted Grace Farms To An Award-Winning Attraction Center



Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a tourist destination that sits on an over 80 acres land. The cultural institution and community center is the home to natural beauty. It is a center for education, preservation, communication, as well as attraction to nature. The public enjoys the available resources seven days a week free of charge.


Grace Farms offers the best environment for provoking art and interactions. Sharon Prince, the facility’s president, and chairperson invites everyone to enjoy the beauty of the area. She founded the center out of her passion for the land. Visitors enjoy catch-and-release fishing activities in the summer.


The cattail Pond is accessible through the many walking trails. The summer sun provides visitors with a unique natural beauty. Besides “Nature Initiative Programs” offered by Grace Farms in summer, the visitors play casual pick-up games.


According to Sharon Prince, winter comes at Grace Farms in style. The snow-capped white trees, vistas covered with powdery snow are among the winter attractions at the center. The residents face wildlife that only exist in winter and enjoy the educational animal tracing activities. The animals leave prints that make the whole process enjoyable.


Sharon Prince converted the area to an environmental and wildlife friendly facility in 2017. The meadows at Grace Farms attract different bird species, bees, and butterflies. The meadow tours take place in the area between June and September. Sharon Price points out that the environment is ideal for bird educational tours. Various bird species including Yellow Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, and American Goldfinch have made a comeback to Grace Farms.


Sharon Prince started Grace Farm in October 2015. The nonprofit making organization, Grace Farms Foundation, is an award-winning organization because of its contribution to the environment, architecture, and social welfare. Sharon Prince is also an ambassador for violence against women, human trafficking, and child exploitation locally internationally. Sharon Prince is an innovative leader.


Sharon Prince got an MBA and BS/BA from the University of Tulsa. Sharon Prince is not just involved with the farm. She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


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