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Imran Haque: a Doctor with a Big Heart


Dr. Imran Haque operates as an internist around North Carolina. BroTalk has featured him severally for being a specialist with a difference. Apart from being a highly-regarded expert, Imran Haque is also genuinely caring. As such, he has become a wonderful friend to many people within Ramseur and Asheboro. He attends to a broad spectrum of conditions within his specialty, which attracts many patients to his medical amenity. His facility, Horizon Internal Medicine, has become the central point for all people with problems necessitating Imran’s care. Haque amazes many with his kind-hearted nature that brings out a unique trait in him. Imran Haque has received reviews from patients he treated even when they did not have a financial capacity matching their bills.



Essentials Concerning Horizon Internal Medicine



Horizon Internal Medicine serves as the practice where patients in need of internal medication meet Doctor Imran Haque. They operate under the guidance of high integrity as they serve the people of Asheboro, Ramseur, and the whole North Carolina. Mr. Haque and team have proved to be leaders in provision of internal treatment and consultancy. Apart from providing treatment, Dr. Imran is also dependable when it comes to referring his patients to other medics where such needs arise. Upon visiting Horizon Internal Medicine, you will encounter welcoming staffs who are trained on handling every patient. At the facility, Imran Haque diagnoses and prescribes treatment for conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, pneumonia, and epilepsy.



Haque’s Commitment to Changing People’s Lives



Imran Haque is a unique specialist pursuing extraordinary causes. While other people set such a facility to mint money, Imran Haque operates for entirely different reasons. To him, the amenity gives him an opportune moment to connect with all his patients. He cultivates on a personal relationship with people that visit his medical facility. Besides being an internist for all, most people have booked him as a personal doctor for their families and even parents. Even issues to do with weight management are resolved by Imran, who very well understands the dangers of being overweight.