A Hit Was Ordered On A Prison Cell Phone

There is perhaps no greater fear than to worry about someone entering your home wanting to do you harm. You have to admit that this is a terrifying scenario. Fortunately, it is not one that most of us have to deal with. We are able to go about our lives without too many concerns that something like this will happen. However, that is not necessarily the case for those who work in law enforcement. They have to always be on the lookout for such things.


You don’t have to tell Robert Johnson about the risks that come with working as a corrections officer. He knows them first hand. A hit was ordered on him using a contraband cell phone and a reloadable GreenDot card back when he was working as a corrections officer. At the time, he spent a lot of time trying to intercept such materials from entering the Lee Correctional Facility in the first place. He was good at doing so, and this meant that he ended up with someone who wanted him killed.


The hit was ordered and an intruder came to his house, broke in, and shot him. He nearly died more than once at the hospital he was rushed to in order to treat his injuries. It was a terrible experience to say the least, and it just goes to show that there are dangerous people out there who will stop at nothing to take out those who they believe are a threat to them or their power.


Securus Technologies has worked diligently with a number of prisons around the country to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. They install communications technologies in prisons that do a number of different things. There are some devices that allow the inmates to communicate with loved ones in a safe and monitored way, but there are also devices used to make sure that contraband cell phones do not make their way into the prisons.


The company wants to make sure that everyone in the prison knows that they will not get away with using materials that they are not entitled to have. They also want the public to feel safe in the knowledge that there is a company looking after them so to speak. They do not have to be as afraid because there is new technology that will help make the barrier between the prison and the outside world that much stronger.


Stories like that of Mr. Johnson should never have to happen to anyone every again. Securus is trying to make sure that this is a reality. If you want to help them in their mission, the best thing you can do is write to those in your state who are in charge of making such decisions. They are the ones that you know you can get through to in order to help you.


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