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Elysium Health’s Basis – How It Works, Who’s Behind It, and More

There are tons of supplements are available in health food stores, outlets dedicated wholly to dietary and lifestyle supplements, supermarkets, and e-commerce retailers. While many of them provide some benefit – in general, a very limited level of positive results directly related to a particular supplement’s use – few supplements have been proven to yield positive results. As such, it’s misleading for supplement manufacturers to label or market their products as having benefits when they haven’t undergone clinical trials or have been researched thoroughly enough to have their claims substantiated.

Elysium Health is different than many other supplement manufacturers, researchers, and marketers, as their sole product – Basis – has been proven to work thanks to a clinical trial that was conducted earlier this year.

Basis is made up of six ingredients, three of which are found in the capsule that contains the powdered ingredients inside. The central ingredient is nicotinamide riboside, a chemical substance that creates nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide once it’s processed by the human body. Basis’ secondarily active ingredient is pterostilbene, a sirtuin activator that only works in the direct presence of NAD+ (short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), although the positive sign indicates that it has a positive charge, in this case having two extra electrons.

Silica is also found within each capsule of Basis, and is intended to lengthen the life of the supplement. The three ingredients that make up each capsule, the barriers between the powdered active ingredients, including silica, plus microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and hypromellose.

Although Basis has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the oversight organization that deals with the testing and potential approval of medications used in the United States, Basis has, in fact, been subject to a clinical trial.

Funded by Elysium Health themselves, the clinical trial sought out to see if taking a combination of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, 250 and 50 milligrams of each, respectively, would increase the blood serum concentrations of NAD+.

As the scientists and business people confident enough in the assumptions made about the combination’s benefits thought, the above mixture of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene increased NAD+. To maintain a steady level of NAD+ over periods of time, simply taking them on a daily basis would suffice.

Each of the 120 people that participated in the trial weren’t certain if they were taking a placebo, one-half dose of Basis’ equivalent ingredients – Elysium Health recommends healthy adults take two capsules per day – or a full dose of Basis’ equivalent. The results indicated that, in participants that took 250 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 50 milligrams of pterostilbene on a daily regimen for at least 28 days, participants’ average levels of NAD+ rose 40 percent. Participants that took twice the above amount saw, on average, their levels of NAD+ rise 90 percent.

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Waiakea Water: Combining Environmental Sustainability with Good, Profitable Business Practices

Beginning next year, Waiakea, the company that markets eco-friendly Hawaiian volcanic water, will begin using the first plastic bottles that are completely degradable. The bottles are produced using TimePlast, the only patented additive that allows for the nano-degradation of plastic. It reduces plastic’s lifespan from 1,500 years to about 15 years. Waiakea already uses 100% recycled plastic in its bottles. They will be the first company to use the additive TimePlast. The polymer turns plastic into a degradable carbon-based wax. The process took 5 years and over 1,200 tests to develop.

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. Waiakea uses unique, sustainable processes to bottle water from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano, the most active volcano in the world. The water is sourced from rainwater and melted snow. It is then filtered naturally as it passes through volcanic rock into pristine mountain streams and makes its way to Waiakea’s aquifers. The remote location of the mountain peak contributes to the purity of the water. There is nothing in the air or surrounding ground to contaminate the water with unnatural additives.

In all its processes the environmentally-conscious Waiakea bottled water company follows “Malama i ka ‘Aina,”, a Hawaiian tenant which means “care for the land.” It guides their production, packaging, marketing and use of the profits generated. Waiakea Water has adopted a business philosophy called Triple Bottom Line which considers the social and environmental impact of the company’s activities in addition to its financial growth. Waiakea uses only environmentally sustainable processes and practices that do not damage the Earth.

In addition to working in harmony with the environment, Waiakea Water seeks to have a positive impact on people worldwide through its charitable efforts. Working with Pump Aid, for every liter of water Waiakea sells the company donates 650 liters to communities in need. So far, Waiakea has donated hundreds of millions of gallons of water along with their other charitable activities. The company’s continued success proves idealism and good business practices can work hand in hand to produce grand, impactful results.

The Legacy of Louis Chenevert and His Reputation in the Business World

The former CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a Canadian businessman named Louis Chenevert, and one of the most successful people in that corporation, who has brought to UTC countless achievements and successes during his career.

 Born in Quebec, Louis was also the president of an engine business that UTC owns, called the Pratt & Whitney, where he worked for a long time and learned most of the duties of a CEO and leader of an organization. Louis Chenevert then went to HEC, in Montreal, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in production and management and gathered more knowledge and experience on administration and business leadership. Louis’ career in UTC started in 1993 when he left General Motors to work for Pratt & Whitney. Due to his success at Pratt & Whitney, he eventually was promoted to the CEO of the company.

When Louis Chenevert was elected as the CEO, America’s economy was in recession. However, as a testament to his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, he was still able to raise the share-price of UTC to 200% which was from $37 to $117. It was an incredible margin, and the success of the decisions of the CEO Chenevert shocked everyone in the company.

Because of that rise in net value and reputation, UTC remained on top of the aerospace and building industry during Chenevert’s time as the CEO without being dodgy with taxes, relocating, brushes with environmental compliance laws and most importantly, without underpaying UTC’s workers. Louis Chenevert kept making business decisions in the future that would keep skyrocketing his business and winning the competition.

In UTC, Chenevert is known as a think tank or “the man with a plan” who always have a strategy in their business of innovating sophisticated jet engines as well as having military and commercial contracts worldwide. The employees and co-workers of Louis hold him very dearly both for what he has done for the company and for his personality.

With Chenever at the leadership of UTC, the company received unprecedented growth and was able to focus all its available skilled workers, resources and strengths to the aerospace and building industry to the point that it has become their identity.

The Purpose and Relevance of the American Institute of Architects

     It is an association of qualified architects in America. The institute is committed with the mandated of services of architecture, social progress, as well as offering educational agendas and government course of actions. AIA was formulated in the year 1857 in New York. A collection of 13 architects united in the provision and influencing the scientific participation, enabling construction of improved structures. It facilitates the advancement in professionalism allowing total quality management of construction projects. The C.E.O, Mr. Robert Ivy, and Thomas V. Vonier are the top leaders of the organization. The senior management frequently calls for teambuilding to maintain the firm’s solidity.

The top-level managers dedicate their time and efforts to customer’s wellbeing, serving each with positive organizational values. The workforce enjoys some benefits to motivate them in giving out high-quality services. Its vision statement details the urge to work smart for a better tomorrow. The president documents the critical issues that contribute to sustainable growth and urban development. He has done much in ways essential in combating the climatic changes. His contributions are useful in marketing the institute and building consumer trust. The company links well with global industrial operations creating a competitive advantage over its rivals. The organization collaborates with other metropolises, in provision of advanced security services.

AIA’s research plays a crucial role in the implementation of the landmark proposal by the department of the Secretary of State culminating in innovative sculpts that offers noteworthy escalation. Thomas is an international consultant to the Federal planning program that resulted in acquiring the Presidential Design Award. Robert considers taking affirmative actions of bringing out an efficient way that motivates quality architectural designs, in disseminating calamity relief resolutions, hence accomplishing standardized healthcare conditions. The financial system has improved benefiting individuals with cost-cutting strategies that cater for the economic situations of its clients. Innovation and technology interlinked assist the institute in recognizing fresh ideas. These ideas transform into tangible assets.

Since his appointment, Mr. Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects has solved various subjects regarding the role of architects in global growth, and concerned about the prospect of architecture. The organization increasingly creates the desire to create awareness in understanding the building sector inclination and propelling general intelligence on the urge of professionalism in these construction projects. The company continues to empower the nation in nurturing development geared towards urbanization. The firm concentrates on improving the security and architectural systems in general.

Betsy DeVos Brings New Dimension to Education Reforms

Betsy DeVos, the current States Secretary of Education, is creating waves with her bold moves to bring education reforms in the sector to clean up the system. I am pretty convinced with her revolutionary plans that can revive the quality of the sector, which was hailed for long. While some people see her with apprehensions, people in Michigan understands her commitment and efforts to the education efforts, as she was the most-known face in reviving the education sector for the last three decades. Betsy is a true champion of solution-based activism, and her initiatives have proved to be immensely effective, over the years. It can be said that the most appropriate person is currently sitting in the chair of the Secretary of Education of the country.


Betsy started her education efforts in the early 80’s when she was trying to admit her children in Grand Rapids. She identified that many low-income families were facing troubles to get the quality education for their children due to affordability. Betsy immediately thought to address this issue and set up some scholarships to help students from low-income families in Grand Rapids. Later, she identified that the problem was widespread, and it could not just be addressed with scholarships. Betsy designed a number of education initiatives to improve the overall quality of education that can ensure a better America in future. I admire her efforts as she was putting her heart and soul though she was from an affluent family.


Betsy proclaimed education initiatives, including School of Choice, School Vouchers, School Grading, and Charter School System, to improve the overall quality and performance of the schools. All these programs are putting the responsibility of the performance of the school on the management by giving increased authority and autonomy. Interestingly, the charter school system has reached every nook and corner of the country considering its consistent results. I can also tell that she is a very active contributor to various philanthropic efforts covering education, culture, community, justice, and more. Betsy and husband, Dick DeVos, set up DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 and contributed nearly $140 million to various initiatives as of today.


Betsy also collaborated with a number of community initiatives, philanthropic organizations, education activist groups, cultural institutions, and more. She served on the boards of American Federation for Children, Philanthropy Roundtable, ArtPrize, Alliance for School Choice, Great Lakes Education Project, The Potter’s House School, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and more. Betsy was also the Chairwomen of The Windquest Group from 1993 and continued in the post until 2016. It is a private investment management and advisory firm based in Michigan. Betsy completed her schooling from Christian High School located in Holland and received her graduation from Calvin College, Michigan.


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Fabletics Understands The “New” Consumer

Amazon is taking notice when it comes to the fashion industry. It is no secret to those in the know that Fabletics is becoming more and more popular, and that people are enjoying it a lot more than Amazon. This is because Fabletics offers high quality clothing at a price that is half of what their competitors charge. Not only that, but they offer a lot of flexibility. They care about their customers, they offer last mile service, they offer an amazing subscription based service, and they use one of a kind techniques to make their customers happy.


One example of this would be the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics lets their customers come into their stores and try out clothing without committing to buying it at the moment if they are not sure whether or not they want it. This is because the item gets added to the customer’s online cart so that they can buy it later. Thirty percent of customers who enter the Fabletics stores are already subscribers, while another quarter percent become subscribers right then and there. This lets Fabletics combat the showroom trend, which is killing businesses that do not have the ingenuity of Fabletics. Other businesses lose money when people come in to try on clothing but not to buy it, instead choosing to buy it at a cheaper price online. Because of Fabletics’ unique model, this does not apply to them. It also shows how much Fabletics just wants their customers to be satisfied.


The growth rate of Fabletics increases thirty five percent each year, and they have already experienced a two hundred percent growth rate. According to Shawn Gold, the director of marketing for Tech Style, which is the parent company of Fabletics, this is because of Fabletics’ focus on their customers, on culture, on people, and on accessibility. Fabletics understands the “new” consumer and what they want in today’s fast paced and digital world. They put an emphasis on data science, made possible by online retail.


Kate Hudson has been involved with Fabletics from the early days of the company. Whether she is helping them shape their customer support policies, their social media marketing strategies, their budgets, or whatever else the Fabletics team needs help with, she is on hand to help them achieve success. It is no surprise that they are successful with her as part of the team. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.

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