Month: October 2017

Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer Committed To Integrity and Transparency

     Bruno Fagali, a respected Brazilian lawyer, is the owner and founder of Fagali Law Firm. He is recognized for his professionalism and integrity to legal matters. As a specialized lawyer, he has experience in Anti-corruption and public laws, where he deals with urban laws, administrative contracts, civil and administrative liability processes, bidding laws, administrative improbity actions, public civil actions, regulatory laws, expropriation actions and popular actions.

Due to the numerous corruption scandals that have dominated the public funds, Mr. Bruno has vowed to clear the system by initiating several integrity and transparency strategies. He has designed integrity drives for firms and departments that are involved with government contracts. In the wake of the most recent corruption cases, the public has started giving his views attention. His initiatives through ethics and special training at the organization level has helped many corporates to initiate drives that would bring integrity and transparency in their operations. His law firm, the Fagali Advocacy, focuses on anti-corruption and election laws, public laws and compliance as these are viewed as the only solution to social equality.

In addition, Bruno Fagali works for Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/SB is a notable Brazilian advertising firm that deals with advertisement campaigns for the government plus other international organizations such as International Labor Organization and World Health Organization. He is in charge of Nova/SB integrity program and has helped the organization to come up with an ethics committee. Bruno also pushed through a policy to treat all members and employees equally. In addition, he took the responsibility of overseeing the special integrity training of Nova/SB employees in different departments.

Earlier in his profession, he worked as an intern with several law firms where he got the necessary experience to kick-start his career in legal matters. He was an attorney at Calil and Associates advocacy and Radi before establishing his own law firm. With regards to his education, Mr. Bruno graduated with a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He was also chosen as an associate of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, and he is currently an active member of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.

Sawyer Howitt Insights on Young Entrepreneurship

     Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, developing, and launching a business plan. In today’s world, a lot of young entrepreneurs are taking interest in enhancing their business skills by beginning new businesses. Young entrepreneurs have already started to outperform the older entrepreneurs. Sawyer Howitt shares unique insights to be undertaken by young entrepreneurs to stand up to reverse discrimination against young entrepreneurs based on age.

Sawyer advises young business persons to prove their values to their employers by working hard and smart. Working diligently and effectively is highly recommended for the results speak for themselves. Secondly, let people know about you. List your accomplishments during your assessment, and always provide updates on your success. Learn new ideas every day; do not act like an expert because pride comes before a fall.

Advanced entrepreneurs may intimidate and snub you because of ageism get up and do not give up. Demonstrate your accomplishments; provide them with statistics of your usefulness in the area. Turn your age into an added asset. Young people are energetic and can work late and they are not tied down by families. Maintain your focus on to why you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Do not allow distraction of great ideas. Focus on one idea and once you are established, turn your attention to the next idea.

Sawyer Howitt is currently The Meriwether Group project manager since early 2017. Despite his young age, he takes pride in assisting young entrepreneurs and businesses to grow. Sawyer has directed different charitable organizations due to his keen eye on operational and financial needs. Sawyer continues with plans to seek how the change in commerce will affect the future as well as how business growth will need to adjust to the continuing technological changing factors.

Sawyer is a second year semester senior student who maintains his focus on his studies, internships, and efforts on entrepreneurship. In pursuance of furthering entrepreneurial athlete career, Sawyer is set to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance in the fall of 2017 at the University of California, Berkeley.

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