Article Title: How Does She Do It? Heather Parry President of Live Nation

Heather Parry is the President of Live Nation which is an event creator business that continues to attract high-end venues and shows. Most recently, she was able to help with the movie A Star Is Born. She directly called Bradley Cooper’s agent and just flat out asked: “How can I get involved?” She explained what Live Nation does and he called back and it was a hit. She went on to explain that Live Nation has assets and does major festivals and concerts so why not market a movie? So at a dinner party for Martha Stewart, she gave her pitch to Dave Bugliari. As she put it “here we are”.

Heather Parry

Now she has already taken on marketing some big-time musicians that have done their own movies. Lady Gaga’s documentary 5′ 2″. Puff Daddy’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy’s Story have both been promoted by Live Nation. Next on her list is to get more movie promotions going and to keep up with the current music venues. The festivals and concerts are scheduled months in advance and almost a tradition to market.

Heather Parry spent twelve years with MTV and then on to Happy Madison Productions where she spent another ten years. She has the experience of movie and music combined. She knows people and has the right attitude about how to get where she wants with her current position. She has been President since 2015. She dove in with a passion for what she does and her history in the business came to light. Culminating several years into one job.


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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Campaigns For R.A.W


R.A.W has proved to be the best natural beauty product in the market. Despite the challenges, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team have worked hard to see the product thrive in the market. Like any other new product, R.A.W was challenged by the price determination. It was challenging to come up with the best and competitive price.

The other challenge was how it was welcome in the market. The product was faced with opposition from the other products in the market. The customers also had no time to be explained to how the product was different from the others. Many people prefer buying and going to read the descriptions for them.

Thanks to the campaigns, that Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team did across the American region. Now it has established in the market. People buy it for its unique features and environmentally friendly. The cost is not too high as many people perceived it. View More Information Here.


What is R.A.W?

This is the newly launched natural product from Matrix a production branch of L’Oreal Paris. The product is 100 percent natural since it made from the natural ingredients sourced from across the globe. It is environmentally friendly as it has no harmful contents of sulfates, parabens, and silicone.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada

This is the president of Matrix a production branch of L’Oreal based in the United States. He came to this position after serving in various positions in the same company. He was also appointed as the youngest DMI as a reward for his hard work. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal learned the international business from the University of Sorbonne. He is also a holder of a masters’ degree from the ESSEC College in France in the school of business.

He began to work for the company in 2003 and has never left it since then. He has worked as the director in the consumer’s branches. He later worked as the assistant president at Garnier international. In his tenure, the company was ranked as the leading antibacterial producer in the United Kingdom. This earned him the position of the DMI and later appointed to lead Matrix. At Matrix, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has led to the production of various beauty products including the championed R.A.W.


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Kisling Nestico & Redlick: A Specialized Law Firm In Personal Injury Claims


In every democratic nation, there are laws and regulations that govern the country. Many people require a lawyer to present them in a court of law. Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) is one of the law firms we consult when we need legal advice. Kisling Nestico and Redick specializes in offering advice and aid in personal injury claims. The firm is made up of 30 qualified attorneys and 100 support staff.


Since its inception in 2005, KNR has handled thousands of personal injury cases. Their offices are spread around the state thus it is easily accessible. Kisling Nestico & Redick specializes in personal injury claims ranging from work injuries, vehicle accidents, premises liability, insurance bad faith and negligence of nursing homes. The firm’s success is based on its ability to process cases at a considerable speed, transparency, and accuracy.


Rob Nestico got inspired to start a law firm after being involved in a traffic accident. Nestico was only 15 years old when he was involved in the accident. He was a passenger in a car that was hit by another car that failed to halt at a stop sign. Nestico sustained serious injuries. He broke both his arms, kneecaps and suffered a hematoma on his head. He needed steel rods to be fitted in his arms, a procedure that led him to stay for some months in hospitals. Go Here for related Information.


When he was in hospitals the hospital bill accumulated each and every day. His family was pressured for quick compensation from the insurance company. however, the insurance company played hide and seek games with his family. He was touched by this life experience and got inspired to become a lawyer and fight for less fortunate families like his. This led to the birth of Kisling, Nestico & Redick.


The law firm’s attorneys have rich experience in personal claims and understand how insurance claims works. They are able to predict the behavior of insurance companies since most of their employees have previously worked for insurance companies. Kisling, Nestico & Redick success has attracted recognition from various organizations.


Some of their attorneys are included in Million & Multi-Million-Dollar Advocates Forum and Super Lawyers. The firm has also been featured in Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio and Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyer Association.


Find them on–redick-llc/oh/fairlawn/MzY5Mjc1OF8x/PP

The Career Of Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong


Liu Qiangdong is the founder of the largest retail company in China known as Since founding the company, Liu Qiangdong has used innovation to help build the company into a multibillion dollar business. Along with using innovation, Liu has used savvy and flexibility to help establish as among the most successful companies in the retail sector. As of today, continues to serve millions of customers worldwide along with using innovation to remain as one of the most prosperous retail companies in the entire world.


Before starting his career, Richard Liu learned the value of hard work from his parents. While growing up, his parents taught him about establishing a good work ethic in order to succeed in any endeavor he engaged in. When Liu Qiangdong finished his compulsory education, he moved on to attend the People’s University of China. While he attended the university, he studied sociology where he completed a degree. During his college years, Richard studied computer science in order to expand his knowledge and skills. This additional education would allow him to pursue lucrative employment opportunities once he finished college.


After graduating from college, Liu Qiangdong accepted an employment opportunity at a company called Japan Life. While working at Japan Life, Richard Liu worked in the technology department as a programmer. He would eventually become the Director of Computers. While he was serving as the Director of Computers at Japan Life, Liu would decide to eventually leave the company and become an entrepreneur. See This Page for additional information.


The first entrepreneurial venture that Liu Qiangdong started with was founding a small company specializing in magneto optics products. This business was quite successful and became a multimillion dollar company. However, the business shut down after a SARS outbreak. Since the company was forced to shut down, Richard Liu Qiangdong realized that he needed to make a company that was able to meet the needs of customers through ecommerce. After this business, Richard went on to found


Once founding, Richard Liu helped establish the company as among the top companies in China. Over the next several years, would become one of the most innovative and efficient companies in the retail industry.


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An Insight into Jojo Hedaya- the Co-founder of Unroll.Me

Your email is a significant part of your life. It’s like you’re attached to it. At times, your inbox may pile up. In such an instance, it may be hard to keep up with the important emails. Some of these essential emails may get buried under the junk files. Although some of these emails may also notify you about the various offers by some of the brands, shopping can only be carried out after working hours. Since struggling with such emails has become a common problem, the two 24-year olds came up with a solution. Their solution was in the form of a platform that went by the name Unroll.Me. This platform serves as an email organization tool.

The Unroll.Me platform was formed out of the personal frustrations that people were undergoing. Unroll.Me usually scans your emails, and all your subscriptions are compiled into one email. You can peruse through the subscriptions at ease. You can also pick the time when Unroll.Me can scan through your emails.

The young entrepreneurs who founded this platform were raised in New York. They later traveled to Israel for their higher education studies, and this is where they officially met. Before naming their company, Jojo Hedaya and his friend Josh had to come up with a company name. Jojo Hedaya also says that he would wake up and find numerous emails from Josh. Eventually, they named their company Unroll.Me. The company began to fully operate two years ago. Although other platforms offer the same services as Unroll.Me, Jojo Hedaya acknowledges that they platform stands out from the rest. Jojo Hedaya also noted that the execution but worries them more than the competition.

Their primary goal is to make things simple. For instance, Jojo Hedaya was paying close attention to one of their competitors. Despite the presence of enough funds and publicity from the press, the company failed terribly since they offered a poor user experience. One of the primary goals of Unroll.Me is to ensure that their users have a unique experience when using the platform. By ensuring that there is simplicity, Unroll.Me has attracted a considerable pool of users.

Robert Deignan’s Healthy Tips for a Good Relationship with Technology

Robert Deignan is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a place he was born and attended the Purdue University on a full football scholarship until 1995 when he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In 1998, Robert co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture called Fanlink. Several years after graduating, Robert became the Executive Vice President at the iS3 for a period of 9 years. He never left his love for sports behind and still participates in the offshore fishing competitions to date. This is after he co-founded the notable ATS Digital Services and now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer in this company. This company is a one-stop-shop for all the digital and technological concerns, be it connectivity or general purchasing of gadgets, they offer their services remotely to their clients.

Robert has shared some of the tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with the current technology. He says that technology is the main reason why he started the ATS Digital Services, to help consumers with many common tech problems today. He has continued to serve millions of customers with the sophisticated knowledge of remote troubleshooting. This has made the company to grow at a higher rate. Despite the great wonders technology brings about in our lives, it has its downsides too. Robert urges people to be aware of the effects that come along with being addicted to technology. This way, it will help you take control of your habits in technology and make yourself more productive. The pivotal step that made Robert create his company was making sure he is the one dictating his relationship with the current technology instead of letting it take over.

Robert continues to say that technology changes the way the brain works. This is because of a lot of distractions that comes along with it, including text messages, emails, and different updates. This makes the human brain to pay more attention to new information in a different perspective than when reading. Therefore, one should not stare at their devices all day, but try to get information in other ways, reading included. One needs to take full control of his relationship with technology and do everything in moderation.

What Company Executives Can Learn From Steve Ritchie


In the contemporary business society, a company’s public relations’ department is tasked with handling all communication if something goes amiss. But if a company’s topmost executive comes out and sincerely owns up to responsibility, then that ought to be taken as a sign of emotional intelligence. Besides, it does not require rocket science to figure out the necessity of clearing up misunderstandings that arise between a firm and its clientele.


At top business executive at any firm needs to understand the responsibility that comes with his or her leadership position. And while it is logical to for the executive to stand firm by the company while also keeping the firm’s interests and ideals at heart, it can be disastrous if the needs of the said company’s clients are ignored.


A true company executive must strike a delicate balance while representing the firm and at the same time, address all grievances the clients might raise as this will prevent a falling out between the two parties. Recent events at Papa John’s reveal that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is the right man for the job as he represented, and addressed the grievances the firm’s clients had while also making the company’s stance known.


About Steve Ritchie


Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s International. With an excellent career track record, Ritchie’s experience and expertise are invaluable to the day-to-day running of Papa John’s. Steering the company to profitability is of great importance to Steve Ritchie as is similar to all company CEOs.


But for Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s, breaking even at the expense of the firm’s clients are is not in his playbook; hence he vows it won’t happen under his watch.


Papa John’s is one of America’s household names when it comes to the pizza business since it is a franchise with operating from numerous locations across America. Other than being a food pizza franchise business, Papa John’s is a popular brand as it is one of the biggest suppliers of food products to restaurants across North America. The firm also runs a franchise business that helps in boosting the sales of their in-house developed food products. Get Related Information Here.


More about Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s:

Louis Chenevert: How to foster employee and company growth

It is every CEO’s dream to improve his/her corporation and take it to the next level. There is a myriad of ways that CEOs can utilize to boost performance and encourage positive growth in their organizations, as Louis Chenevert says. According to the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, one of the best ways to bolster growth in a company is by investing in the employees.

Louis Chenevert speaks from an informed position, having been a top executive in some of the most reputable international companies such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney. In his largely successful managerial career, Louis Chenevert has utilized the policy of investing in employees and has seen his policy bear fruits. One of the best ways that Chenevert advocates for is encouraging employees to improve their knowledge base by advancing their education.

A company can trigger an employee’s desire for more education by providing incentives that reward academic accomplishments. Also, a company can structure partial or full scholarships for their employees to pursue certificates in their respective fields of interest. Louis Chenevert used this policy to fruition, while at the helm of power at United Technologies and enabled the company’s employees to attain a record 39,000 degrees courtesy of the Employee Scholar Program that Chenevert engineered.

Through the program, United Technologies employees were awarded fully paid scholarships to pursue degrees in various fields as per their individual interests. As Louis Chenevert says, there are many benefits to facilitating higher learning for employees, because the company will also benefit from the knowledge the workers gather. Therefore, when a company is venturing into new areas of business, it will be more advantaged as some of the employees may already have prior knowledge of the area.

More about Louis Chenevert

Louis R. Chênevert is a member of the board of directors of Cargill Inc and is also the Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. Additionally, Louis Chenevert chairs the advisory board of Yale Cancer Centre and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Chenevert served as a senior industry advisor of Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division for two years, from 2015 to 2017.

Clayton Hutson Reveals Secrets to Music Industry Success

Clayton Hutson is a famous guy who serves a business that provides the services for organizing events and other services to the musicians. He used to work on the theater design after he enrolled himself in the University located in Nashville. Now he is one of the successful project managers and serves best in the music industry. His work is mostly based on rock type of music. Some of the famous performances he has covered up in the past are of some of the biggest names in the music industry like Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N Roses. He had a world tour in the year 2005. The world tour was named as “Bleed like me.” His band which is known as Garbage has been performing in different parts of the world.

In an interview, He answered the tips and secrets to be followed to get successful in the music industry. He told that he has been able to gain the skills of market before he entered. He said that although huge risks were there but he was confident enough on his skills which came out beautifully. He said that the customers and clients are attracted to his firm because he works on even the little details. He told that one has to be dedicated towards his profession which really kicks the skills and his position to the next level. He said that he is open to any kind of criticism which helps him to improve his mistakes and guide him to a better path. Clayton Hutson said that his aim is to satisfy his clients. He said that his routine depends on whom he is working with. He told that has worked with Kid Rock these days so basically, his routine is a busy one. He added that he prioritizes his family over anything else. He also said that he regrets that he worked as a subcontractor with a firm and he shouldn’t have done it He recommended the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson to all.

Daring Dauntless Doe Deere

In a world where everything seems rebooted, and styles follow a copy cat manner there is one creative original you do not want to sleep on. Her name is Doe Deere, entrepreneur and founder of Poppy Angeloff, a jewelry company with a Victorian flair and a modern twist. Doe Deere uses her vibrant colors and creative ideas to inspire young girls to be unique and unapologetically themselves. Deere, who was active and devoted in the makeup business, came across some family heirlooms she forgot about. She adored them and started to imagine a new company that sold such inspired jewelry. With so much on her plate already with Lime Crime (her cosmetics company), she wasn’t sure she could make a legit jewelry company. Deere credits her sister for giving her the encouragement she needed to get Poppy Angeloff off the ground.

Deere committed to months learning about jewelry history and design jewelry making. It is important to her that her designing doesn’t cut corners so she can deliver quality vintage Victorian style jewelry for her consumers.

Deere also is the founder of LimeCrime, the vegan cruelty-free make-up line. Deere came up with the name LimeCrime from her early days of reconstructing clothes and reselling them on e-bay. She modeled her own designs and it was there she became well-known for her make-up looks. Soon after the idea for Lime Crime the make-up line was born! Armed with only the idea of her company, no contacts and a few google searches for manufactures, Deere got to work building Lime Crime. Her story of creativity and drive are bravely amazing. Deere’s business reflects her feelings of uplifting women to embrace who they truly are inside and out.

Deere set these steps for her success: Whatever you do, do it with passion. This is what should drive entrepreneurs. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Take risks. This sounds like great advice as it has already worked successfully for this original talent.

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